Increasing The Resolution

With a single VoodooČ card in your system you can only increase the resolution to 800x600 (you'll need 2 cards running in SLI to go higher).  It is interesting to note that since a higher resolution requires more work for the VoodooČ chipset while not being any more compute-intensive for the CPU you should expect a drop in frame rate as long as the VoodooČ chipset is the determining factor. If there isn't a drop in frame rate, it shows that the accelerator chip has got enough time for rendering at the higher resolution while waiting for data being delivered from the CPU.  This occurrence could signal you to the fact that you will need a faster processor to make complete use of your graphics accelerator.  Running QuakeII at 800x600 does indeed show an overall slowdown but again the resulting enhancement to the quality of the image is a more than fair trade-off....

chart2.gif (17884 bytes)

You will notice a 10-15% performance decrease in the speed at which the game is rendered however, as I stated before the trade-off is worth the overall appearance.

I must take a moment here to remark on the amazing performance increase with the 3DNow! optimized drivers.  While there is some noticeable increase in performance without the use of a VoodooČ graphics card (I was steady pulling down 30+fps with just the Viper 330), the overall increase with the VoodooČ chipset is unreal.  It almost makes me proud to be a Super7 user.  Those frame rates are the real deal.  I was having a difficult time with the patch at first primarily from not reading the directions carefully and was showing no increase in speed whatsoever.  Once I had the bugs worked out though I could hardly believe my eyes.

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