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   You really can't help but love the marked performance increase.  While some of the clarity and color exhibited by Matrox's G200 is noticeably absent the effect is still spectacular. And since the prices have dropped so considerably it is definitely worthy of your consideration.  I'll soon be posting an outsider's view of the next generation of graphics accelerators and sure you can wait to see if there is any truth to the rumors about voodoo-killers just around the bend, but, from the research I have obtained so far I think the idea of a true voodoo-killer is a bit farther away than they'd have us all believe.  The up-and-comers may win out but I doubt it'll be a knock-out.  Maybe more like a split decision after a full 15 rounds.

And who knows, it could be that while you are pondering whether or not to go with a VoodooČ card the prices will continue to drop until you no longer will feel guilty about buying a component just to make games look a little better.

The Diamond Monster 3D is surely a sweet enhancement to anyone's existing system and we so we honor it with the Super7 Award...

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Thursday, February 17, 2000

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