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This is the place to find the latest in video hardware as it regards the socket 370 and Super 7 platform.   From basic information on the way video works to a look into the future of PC graphics development and ratings of the latest video cards and accelerators available.  We want to provide you with the knowledge you need to make the decisions regarding which products to buy; to stay up to date in this fast moving techno-arena.  If you're thinking about a new Super7 system or upgrading your current graphics card make sure that you check out the User Ratings to see which cards you can expect the best performance from. We now also have a Bulletin Board area strictly for Video Card Peer Support - CLICK HERE.  

You'll also want to be sure and check out the latest graphics card ratings as supplied by you, the users.  If you haven't already or if you posted to our old server, please take part in our graphics card survey...

Recent Reviews and Articles

ATi's Rage Fury MAXX 64MB AGP

Guillemot's 3D Prophet SE GeForce 256 SDR AGP

Innovision Tornado Geforce 256

Gigabyte GA-660 TNT2 32MB AGP 

Asus V3800-TVR 32MB TNT2 AGP

3dfx Voodoo3-3000 16MB AGP

3dfx Voodoo3-2000 16MB AGP

Creative's Graphics Blaster Banshee

SiS6326 Graphics Controller

Creative Labs Graphics Blaster Riva TNT

Matrox Millennium G200

Diamond MM's Viper 550

AOpen's Navigator PA70 AGP

ATI's All in Wonder Pro 8MB AGP x2

Diamond's Stealth II G460

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