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voodoo_banshee.gif (6897 bytes) Feature Summary
Voodoo2 3D Core
Highest performance in single chip
Stunning visual quality
Advanced features at full performance
Largest game base
3D in a window support
Glide support
Optimized Direct3D support
Renown compatibility
128-bit 2D engine
All Windows GDI in hardware
All 256 ROPS with tertiary functions
Hardware polygon generation
Near theoretical maximum performance in NT benchmarks
128-bit VGA core
World's first 128-bit VGA
DOS speed beyond belief
Fully IBM 8514 compliant
128-bit memory interface
100/125MHz operation
Block write with SGRAM
Simultaneous tiled and linear memory support
Optimized for Pentium II
Dual command buffers
Full support for write combine
Patent pending technology for command reordering

3D Feature Set

Integrated Voodoo2 pixel unit and single texture unit
100/125 Mpixel/s fill rate
100/125 Mtexel/s fill rate
HW triangle setup capable of 4M tri/s
On-chip high speed texture cache unit
High precision 16-bit floating point Z-buffer
Tiled memory architecture
Transparency and chroma-key with color mask
Alpha blending on source and destination pixels
Dynamic environment maps
24-bit color dithering to native 16-bit RGB
16-bit color "expansion" to display near 24-bit quality
Per-pixel table based fog/ haze effects
Per-pixel MIP mapping, tri-linear filtering
Full scene, edge anti-aliasing
Bump mapping
Optimized for local memory texturing
Sub-pixel and sub-texel correction
Perspective corrected 3D texture mapping
Palettized and compressed textures

Video Sub-system

VMI host and video input ports
Double or triple buffering of incoming video
Bob and Weave de-interlacing
Packed or planar YUV 4:2:2
Bilinear vertical and horizontal filtering
Hardware color-space-conversion
Digital vieo output for NTSC/PAL encoders

2D Feature Set

100/125MHz 128-bit GUI accelerator
Full featured 128-bit BitBlt engine
Hardware Bresenham line drawing engine
Hardware polygon generation and fill engine
Source and destination chroma-keying
Advanced single cycle block-write
Full 256 Raster Operations in hardware

Other Features

PCI 66MHz and AGP with sideband signaling
High speed memory with duplicate RAS support
Dual command FIFO for CPU parallelism
256-bit internal buffering for maximum memory efficiency
PC '97 and PC '98 compliant
250 MHz RAMDAC with three independent PLLs


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