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3DMark 2000 SubPixel Accuracy
3DMark 2000 Mip Mapping Accuracy
3DMark 2000 Texture Resolution

Ati's Rage Fury MAXX has unquestionably good visual quality in both 2D and 3D applications.  Deep, bright colors bounce off of your display screen with clear tones, fine edges and good depth which is something I was concerned about.   ATi has developed a unique method of rendering using multiple processors called AFR (Alternate Frame Rendering). What makes AFR so efficient is the balancing of the graphics load between the two processors, since each chip has an independent setup engine and frame buffer.  This could have been disastrous as far as Visual accuracy was concerned since each chip only renders every other frame as opposed to say 3dfx's scan line interleaving where odd and even scan lines are handled by separate graphics processors,  I thought the images would tend to be a bit blurry.  I am happy to report that they are not!

The Rage Fury MAXX handles anti-aliasing as well as if not better than any card currently available and the texture map handling is impressive as well.  Click on the thumbnail images below to pop-up full sized images...

Quake3 Arena 3DMark 2000
3DMark 2000

DVD Support
The Rage Fury MAXX ships with ATi's own DVD software which happens to be just about the best software DVD player available and the MAXX seems to take full advantage.  The card's integrated iDCT and motion compensation technology allows for DVD decoding with a minimum CPU usage which means that even if you have a somewhat slow processor, the MAXX can carry the weight and still provide frankly outstanding DVD performance...

Using MadOnion.com's Video2000 benchmark on a super7 AMD K6-2 450MHz 64MB system the scores rendered by the Rage Fury MAXX and ATi's DVD player software are really quite impressive

MAXX vs The Challengers

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