ATi's Rage Fury MAXX
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   With a whole new generation of graphics chips currently hitting the market, prices for the last round of high performance graphics cards are taking enough of a dip to make them attractive to those of us that, still saddled with super7 platform boards, still want to eek out the best possible gaming performance out of our systems before taking the plunge to a full platform upgrade.  ATi's Rage Fury MAXX™, while still what you could call cheap, has a lot to offer.  If, that is, you believe what the marketing dept. at ATi has put on the box.  Powered by dual ATI RAGE 128 PRO graphics engines using ATI's MAXX™ technology for breathtaking 3D speed, the 64MB of local texture memory delivers 500 Megapixels/sec "fill rate" required for high frame rate game play. 
High resolution, true color (32-bit) quality graphics without performance degradation, the "MAXX" features ATI's Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR) technology for incredibly smooth game frame rate action and full acceleration of OpenGL ICD, Direct3D and DirectX 7.0 3D games.  Throw in top rated Hardware DVD video playback in Video2000 benchmark  and put it all together for the AGP Universal bus (for AGP 2X/4X systems) and it would appear that you have one of the hottest gaming cards ever to come down the pike!  Or do you...?

  The Rage Fury MAXX ships pretty much bare-bones for a full retail graphics card in today's market accompanied by only a User's Guide and drivers CD that includes ATi's excellent softwate DVD player.  This is definitely not your run of the mill graphics card and you'll want to thoroughly peruse the users guide before installing the card as the inclusion of dual graphics processors can cause a bit of confusion when setting up the card's drivers.  And remember, this card will only operate on Windows 98 and now Windows 2000, so NT/95 users are out of luck.  The first thing we did after installing the card was head out to ATi's web site to get the latest beta release drivers for, as everyone knows, the best drivers ATi has available for their products always seem to be in beta form. Once installed we were ready to put the MAXX through its paces.  However before we get the the MAXX's performance let's take a quick overview of just what the card has to offer

To The Maxx - An Overview


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