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i740 and Via's MVP3 Compatability

Much Ado about Nothing???

I've recieved many letters in the past two weeks about compatibility issues between Via's MVP3 CHipset and Intel's 1740 graphics boards. (e.g., Real 3D StarFighter, Stealth II G460, Intel Express, etc. ) In the FAQ on Via's website it said:

" Q: Is my MVP3 based motherboard compatible with the Intel 740 graphics chipset?
A: Yes, the MVP3 is compatible with the Intel 740 graphics chipset. You need to download the latest VIA AGP driver ver.2.6 or later. VIA also suggest using the latest Intel 740 driver ver.1.5 or later.
*** Important note: Although VIA offers the AGP driver ver.2.6 for i740 compatibility, we recommend not using the i740 together with the MVP3 prior to the "CE" revision of the VT82C598MVP chip ***

You can determine which revision of the MVP3 you have by the markings on the VT82C598MVP chip.
The "CE" indicates the later revision, "CD" is the earlier version. VIA suggests using an AGP card with a different vendor's graphics chip if you have purchased an earlier "CD" version of the MVP3. Check out our AGP card compatibility list. "

What this seemed to mean was that if you are running a i740 card on a MVP3 board and are experiencing problems it's most likely due to the earlier "CD" version. If you are planning on buying a MVP3 motherboard... check for the "CE" revision currently in release. Check the marking before buying.

Well, I downloaded and installed the drivers onto my FIC VA-503+ and the "StarFighter" ran swell for, oh, about two days. Then I noticed a glitch every now and then for another day before it finally locked up altogether. So I opened up the case to find, sure enough, the "CD" marking on the MVP3 chipset. A little perturbed I pulled out the AGP card and tossed in my old ATI All in Wonder Pro PCI card which takes up the only full length PCI slot on the board and headed over to KillerApp to see what kind of prices I could find on other non-Intel chipset AGP graphics cards. and found that Aberdeen was selling the STB Velocity 128 AGP for under $75.00. I am doing this site pretty much on a shoestring budget so that didn't sound half bad. But before I could even get it ordered I happened back on the Via FAQ page and a few things had changed. The VIA MVP3 FAQ no longer contained the statements about the "CE" and "CD" markings. This could be due to the new "IRQ Routing Miniport driver" VIA has released. After installing this new IRQ routing miniport driver I seem to be running in top form and looking forward to recieving the new Diamond Monster 3D II I had ordered to review on this site on Aug. 1st.
So as a word of advice to all SS7 motherboard owners that are running MVP3 chipsets... Head on over to Via and get, then install these drivers. And, oh, you might want to get the latest AGP drivers while your there.

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