The Test System

Before we go much farther I'd like to mention that although ATI's 3D Rage Pro chip has been overlooked as of late they have recently released a new, stable and mature beta OpenGL ICD incorporated set of drivers called the Lonsdale b37x revision, and since they are optimized for 3DNow! they are the drivers that I used for benchmarking the card.  It is a good rule of thumb never to use beta release drivers for any hardware on systems where crashes or data loss would result in real problems and I want to make that clear.  These drivers were very stable and I had no problems whatsoever but you will need to make that decision on your own as I don't want to feel responsible for causing you problems by recommending them.

Super7 Test System for All in Wonder Pro
Mainboard Epox 51MVP3E-M
Processor AMD K6-2 300MHz
Memory 64MB PC100 (7ns)
Drivers VIA AGPvxd rev. 2.9
Lonsdale b37x (Beta OpenGL ICD)
Operating System Windows 98


All of the tests were run five times and the results shown here are the average scores.   The first thing I wanted to determine was how this card would handle the D3D required by Final Reality™.  The Overall Reality Marks averaged out to 2.88rm which is decent but not outstanding and you have to realize that this test is geared toward Intel based systems but the AGP test is very helpful in determining the AGP x2 capabilities of the card.  In execute mode with the aperture size set at the full 64MB of system DRAM the card pushes frame rates at very good scores for the following texture sizes.

frchart.gif (25466 bytes)

It wasn't too long ago that the idea of trying to play GLQuake II using a Rage Pro based graphics card was almost laughable.  But these new drivers post perfectly acceptable frame rates at resolutions up to 800x600 and allow for play at up to 1024x768 with much improved image quality over their previous OpenGL ICD

quakechart.gif (21033 bytes)

But it is with DirectX6 D3D that this card truly shines.  The image quality is outstanding and, if you've a mind to, you can play games like Forsaken at Full 32 bit True Color.

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