Visual Quality


   I really wish that it were possible to do screen captures that could be saved at a reasonable file size for WWW display.  Personally I feel as though this card's display quality is nearly as good as that found on Matrox' G-200 based graphics cards.  Edges and details are crisp, textures are rich and deep and the colors are absolutely astounding.  Standard 2D Windows performance is exeptional but I know that most of our readers aren't to concerned with this as the majority of current graphics cards on the market are more than adequate for any business application.

  I have to admit, I am not too much at playing games.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy them when I have the time, but my hand - eye coordination isn't what it used to be and I am generally too tired to really do well at thought process oriented games like Starcraft.  On the other hand, 3D games do provide some of the most compelling graphics related content available and I really am interested in the production process surrounding the computer game industry.  As such I find the overall visual quality of the All in Wonder Pro extremely satisfying and although it is difficult to present screen shots without extensive wait-time for download, i will make an attempt. Please take note however that the resolutions need to be drastically reduced for web display and some loss of quality is to be expected

Screen Shot from Forsaken
Click to View at 800x600

Quake II (Reduced)

Tomb Raider (Reduced)

Quake II (1024x768)

Forsaken (Reduced)

As you can see from these images foregrounds are crisp and clear without the jaggies and backgrounds and textures are full and richly rendered.  Now go on to the next page for details of the test system and benchmarks.

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