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All in Wonder Pro Features & Setup

The retail version of the All in Wonder Pro 8MB AGP x2 comes bundled with a pretty decent software package designed to highlight the card's capabilities.  Game titles include Psygnosis' G-Police and Incoming from Rage, both of which really show-off the D3D pixel power of the Rage Pro's 3D accelerator.  Also included in the bundle are Macromedia's Director5 (for creating your own Shockwave multimedia web applications) and Videowave, an easy to use but full featured video editing program that will have you digging out the ol' home videos and playing director 10 minutes after you load it on your hard drive. 

Also included with the package are a number of adapter plugs and cables that should get you started.  Some of the cables are a little short so depending on how far away your TV is you may need to buy a patch cable or two.  Then there is the manual.  74 pages may seem like a lot for a graphics card but this is one of the most thorough and usable manuals I have ever seen. Step by step instructions walk you through the hardware and software installation, followed by 32 pages explaining the proper use of the ATI player program.  It finished with a useful reference section which includes troubleshooting tips and instructions for running diagnostic tests.  All in all a pretty handy tool in itself and one that won't be immediately relegated to the junk drawer where you keep the instructions for your television's remote control and the warranty card for your vacuum cleaner.

All in Wonder Pro 8MB AGP x2

Installing the card is a snap and even a third grader could have this task accomplished in 15 minutes.  You will want to make sure that the card is properly aligned with the AGP slot and that it is pushed all of the way in before you snug up the retaining screw and replace the housing.  I must say here that on inspecting the card before installation I was very pleased to see that the workmanship appears to have improved greatly over my older All in Wonder Pro PCI card.  The tuner housing is machined to finer tolerances and the overall appearance appears as it was crafted with much more attention to detail.  The All in Wonder Pro is a true full-length expansion card (no doubt so that it can hold that tuner) on par with the size of, say a VoodooČ card, and it does generate some (minimal) heat so you will want to keep a good air flow around it and keep away the ribbon and other cables within your system.

Windows 95 drivers can be found on the installation CD along with the outstanding ATI Player program with which you can pull TV and Video capture capabilities right into your PC.  If you are using Windows 98 however, since it has built in support for the Rage Pro Chip, it will load the proper drivers for the card to function properly after which you will need to update the driver.  This can be easily achieved by a number of methods.  You can, for instance, update the driver through the Display Properties by right clicking on the desktop and choosing properties.  Click on the settings tab and click the advanced button, click the adapter tab and the change button and let Windows 98 display a list of available devices.  Choose the All in Wonder Pro 8MB AGP x2 from the list.  You'll find the rest of the process pretty self-explanatory and simple.   One thing you'll want to note.  You will have to choose between Windows 98's Web TV for Windows or the ATI Player as you cannot have both at the same time unless you are set up to dual boot. I suggest you give them both a try and see which one has the features you find the most appealing.  Living way out in the country as I do Web TV is somewhat of a bust, but if you're a city dweller and have cable access you will find Web TV both interesting and fun.  Setting up Web TV to take full advantage of all of its features can be a somewhat daunting task if your not careful so pay attention or you'll find yourself having to repeat the process a few times.

Web TV for Windows Interface (15840 bytes)

If you stick with Web TV you'll find you have access to some pretty exciting new technology including "WaveTop" and Intel's "Intercast" both of which use VBI (Vertical Blanking Interval) to enhance your viewing experience.

Intercast on CNN

"Wavetop" allows you to download megabytes of "Best of the Web" content (news, sports scores, magazine articles and even software) without ever going online. And "Intercast" offers enhanced viewing of related information, still pictures audio and video content.



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