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Cyrix MII 333 Performance

As you will see in the 3D Winbench 98 scores below, when relying on the CPU instead of the graphics processor the scores show a significant performance hit and yet in Forsaken there is really very little difference...

Cyrix MII 333 Scores
in 3D Winbench 98

3D WinMark 456
3D Processing 8.45

OpenGL based applications always seem to take a significant performance hit when run on the Cyrix MII based system but this card seems to push out resonable scores...

Intel Pentium 233MMX Performance

The more powerful FPU of the ol' standby P55CMMX shows its colors in 3D Winbench 98 scores and as all of the processors tested the P233MMX was run at it's default setting (in this case 66MHz x 3.5 clocks).  You can imagine the potential for overclocking here.

Intel P233MMX  Scores
in 3D Winbench 98

3D WinMark 534
3D Processing 11.20

Once again, in D3D applications, the card itself carries the heaviest load and seems to be more than up to the challenge.

OpenGL requires floating point power and the P233MMX, while not screaming, handled the task amicably. Quite showing up the MII.

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