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At a mere 8 retail months old the nVidia GeForce 256 has grown long in the tooth for a graphics chip, which means cards based upon this wondrous chip have suddenly become affordable.  Take, as an example, the Guillemot 3D Prophet SE, a clocked down OEM version of the 3D Prophet which offers 32MB of slightly less-snappy -7ns SDRAM running at 143mHz, dispenses with the TV-out feature of it's retail counterpart and, while Guillemot may not admit it, a slower core clock frequency of 110MHz.  While SDR GeForce cards are getting a bit harder to find the Prophet SE can be found on the web at about $70-$100 less than its retail version, or at anywhere from $130 to $150.00 USD. But should price alone be a factor in your next graphics card purchase?  Mmmm, let's see...

The 3D Prophet SE ships rather blandly with a relatively generic user's manual, a drivers disk (which offers a few innocuous game demos and out of date drivers) and the card itself.  You'll need a relatively modern system to make use of the card as it only comes in AGP compliant form and requires Pentium II or higher CPU and a minimum of 16MB of system RAM, although why you'd plug in a graphics card with twice as much memory onboard as your system has I'll never understand.  The card installs easily enough and while the drivers which accompany the card do work okay, I highly recommend downloading the latest drivers available from Guillemot's web site as the performance increase and stability you'll immediately gain is almost astounding.

The GeForce 256 GPU

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