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   Things move quickly in the world of PC 3D graphics but it seems to have taken forever for the prices of graphics cards based on the nVidia GeForce 256 to come down to reasonable levels.  However, we are happy to impart the news that that time has finally arrived in the form of Innovision's Tornado GeForce 256, an AGP X4 compliant 32MB SDR graphics accelerator based on the nVidia reference design, offering exceptional graphics capabilities with a price tag that is sure to appeal to the masses.  The Tornado GeForce 256 began hitting the web just a few weeks ago with the full retail box at the very fair price of $155.00.

   The Tornado GeForce 256 comes nicely bundled with Intervideo's WinDVD™ 2000 v2.1,'s 3DMark™ 2000 Pro and nVidia's High IQ demo suite - a conglomeration of game demos and fancy little applications all designed to highlight the features and performance of the GeForce256 GPU, as do both the full version WinDVD™ 2000 and 3DMark™ 2000 Pro.

   The Tornado GeForce 256 makes good use of nVidia's reference design and brings an excellent list of performance capabilities and features to the table.  Although the card uses SDR (single data rate) memory, it's use of AGP X4 mode and the power of the nVidia GeForce 256 GPU make for an impressively performing graphics card for the price.  The GeForce 256 GPU could well be more complex than today's CPUs and renders amazing visual power for your PC. While earlier graphics chips could handle triangle setup and rendering, the GeForce 256 GPU (graphics processing unit), with Transform, Lighting, Setup and Rendering on a single chip, delivers up to 15M polygons/second and 480M pixels/second of performance. Its unique 256-bit rendering engine enables an order of magnitude increase in visual complexity.

The Tornado GeForce 256 also offers complete support for MS DirectX® 7 and OpenGL® features to insure that applications can leverage the new features without additional cost or support. And, guarantees compatibility and best out-of-box end user experience.

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