The Stealth II G460 renders crisp, clear and brilliant color.  The Iwill system posted  fairly decent [192 (Business) and 252 (HighEnd)] scores in 2D Perfomance under Winbench 98.  The FIC system faltered repeatedly and so could not be accurately scored.  The MVP3 Chipset had more problems running 2D application than 3D which again makes it a poor choice for use with this Super7 system. But as you can see below it rendered beautifully in 3D.

Quake 2 on the FIC 503+ System

quakelg.jpg (34625 bytes)

And both systems ran Quake 2 without any difficulty posting reasonable scores in all but the highest resolution.

Stealth ii G460  Quake 2 - Open GL Performance

TimeDemo1 Iwill XA 100 FIC VA-503+
K6-2 300/100 @ 640 x 480 26.0 26.1
K6-2 300/100 @ 800 x 600 20.6 19.1
K6-2 300/100 @ 1024 x 768 13.5 12.8

 And the card,on both systems, posted decent frame rates in Forsaken avaraging approximately 29.8 fps in 800x600 resolution. With livly textures in both games

Forsaken on the Iwill XA100 System

fsakenlg..jpg (19252 bytes)



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