Adaptec 2940U2W

The Ultra2 SCSI standard provides blazing fast performance that can turn almost any desktop PC into a high-end workstation and Adaptec Inc. ’s AHA-2940U2W SCSI Kit is an excellent implementation of that standard, providing all of the necessary hardware, software and documentation you'll need to be set up and running with a minimum of time and fuss.

Product Highlights


Computer bus:
32-bit PCI local bus
Interface Protocol:
Bus master DMA
Host Bus Burst Data Rate:
133 MByte/sec
Maximum Data Transfer Rate:
80 MByte/sec
Peripheral Bus:
8-bit & 16-bit Ultra SCSI, 16-bit Ultra2 SCSI
SCSI Synchronous Maximum Burst Rates:
Ultra2 SCSI - up to 80 MByte/sec in 16-bit mode
Ultra SCSI - up to 40 MByte/sec in 16-bit mode and 20 MByte/sec in 8-bit mode
Device Protocol:
SCSI-1, SCSI-2, SCSI-3, Ultra SCSI, Ultra2 SCSI
Advanced SCSI Features:
- Multithreaded I/O (up to 255 tasks simultaneously)
- Scatter/gather
- Tagged command queuing
- Disconnect/Reconnect
External Connector:
- 68-pin High-Density Ultra2 SCSI
Internal Connectors:
- 68-pin High-Density Ultra2
- 68-pin High-Density Wide Ultra SCSI
- 50-pin High-Density Ultra SCSI
Device Support:
Up to 15 SCSI peripherals (internal or external)

The Adaptec 2940U2W SCSI Host Adapter is a PCI card with a maximum data transfer rate of 80MB/second and a burst rate of 133MB/second. Up to 15 devices can be daisy-chained to the adapter, and with Ultra2 devices cable lengths can extend up to 12 meters. The card is outfitted with three connectors for internal devices and one for external connections all of which are simultaneously addressable making it an incredibly powerful tool for data transfer.

Adaptec has further enhanced the adapter card with its own SpeedFlex™ technology, adding even greater functionality. SpeedFlex effectively segments the card's capabilities providing for simultaneous operation of Ultra2 and Ultra devices at the full burst rate of each bus and allowing both standards to co-exist while operating at optimal speed. With SpeedFlex, the board can support Ultra2 peripherals at speeds up to 80 MByte/sec on the Ultra2 SCSI bus segment, simultaneously supporting Fast and Ultra SCSI devices at speeds of up to 40 MByte/sec on the Ultra SCSI bus segment. Without SpeedFlex technology, any Fast or Ultra SCSI peripheral connected to an Ultra2 SCSI bus would limit the maximum burst rates of all peripherals on the bus to the Ultra SCSI performance level.

The 2940U2W kit is packaged with a generous supply of supplemental hardware, including 68-pin Ultra2 SCSI and Wide Ultra SCSI internal cables, a 50-pin Ultra SCSI internal cable, and a 50-pin external Ultra SCSI cable.
The Kit's software bundle includes Adaptec’s EZ-SCSI Deluxe Edition - a utility toolbox and installation assistant of some depth (see below) and Adaptec's 7800 Family Manager Set  drivers for UNIX, Netware & OS2.  Also included are an Installation Guide, a User's Reference and User's Guide, supplying easy to understand print documentation that covers just about all you'll need to know to make the most of your new SCSI Host Adapter.

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Adaptec's Installation Guide provides thorough step-by-step instructions for properly installing the card itself, as well as the correct method for connecting your peripherals to the SCSI bus.  The graphics rich guide allowed me to get up and running without a hitch in just a little over 20 minutes.

The 2940U2W includes Adaptec's SCSISelect™ utility which enables you to configure your SCSI devices without the need to open the computer or handle the card itself.  SCSISelect is available from the bootscreen and provides both automatic or manual and advanced selection of the settings required for all of your SCSI peripherals

Ultra2 SCSI makes use of technology known as low-voltage differential, or LVD. The reduced voltage needs effectively increases the signal strength while lowering signal noise. This allows longer SCSI cables to be used than was previously possible. 80MB/sec is twice as fast as the previous Wide Ultra SCSI data transfer capability, and although it is approximately four times as fast as the current maximum data transfer rate from an Ultra2 SCSI hard drive, up to four such drives can be connected to operate synchronously on the 2940U2W without suffering any performance degradation.

approved.gif (5878 bytes) We recommend the 2940U2W without reservation for anyone thinking about migrating to the standard. The Ultra2 standard can pretty much future-proof your system while Adaptec's Speedflex technology provides support for legacy devices without suffering a  performance hit.  And since virtually every super7 mainboard's BIOS can support the SCSI standard there's no fear of incompatibility. 

 The AHA-2940U2W SCSI Host Adapter Kit has recently experienced a significant price reduction and can be found online at prices around $280.00 and up.  

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