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Introduction 's Video2000 is a completely new type of benchmarking tool designed for benchmarking and evaluating the video quality, performance and features available in modern graphics adapters and software multimedia (SoftDVD) applications. The program offers comprehensive quality tests to accurately measure image quality, and Performance and Feature tests which rate the system performance in a real-world environment. 

Video2000 also includes a full suite of On-Line tools for comparing and analyzing your results against a global environment, and provide accurate up-to-date information about the latest developments in the video application industry.

Video2000 Features

Additional features of Video2000 Pro include:

Testing Methodology 
Today's PC is no longer just a business tool, it has rapidly become an integral comsumer entertainment device. Over the last several years there has been significant improvement in the video quality and functionality provided by the typical PC multimedia subsystem. These improvements have come about in the form of highly integrated high-speed graphics accelerators. However, there remains a fundamental barrier to achieving the quality expected from a consumer video device. The solution as to how to drive this development forward can be found in a measurement standard for video quality, performance and features. Video2000 provides just such a standard

Video2000 answers the following fundamental questions:

Video2000 provides all this information in a way that makes the results easy to analyze and compare, while allowing comprehensive in-depth analysis to be done as well.

The Tests
Quality Tests - "What does it look like?" These tests are interactive, requiring user input and providing a numeric score as the final result.

Performance Tests - "How fast can it do it?"   The performance of both basic functionalities and more advanced tasks are being measured and the results are formulated into a numeric score.

Feature-set Tests - "What can it do?" Check and report video features supported by the graphics adapter. Again, a numeric score is delivered as a result.

Video2000 Scoring
The benchmark's overall score is the sum of the results from your Quality, Performance, and Feature Set Tests. The unit for Video2000 Overall Score is rendered in 'Video marks' and it's absolute maximum value is 4000. 

What The Tests Do...


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