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Startup Control Panel is a low overhead, cool little control panel applet that allows you to control what programs run at system startup. This can be of great benefit when gaming and benchmarking your system.

The Startup Control Panel uses the Microsoft Windows Installer engine for its setup routine. Many applications from Microsoft and other third party vendors now use this engine, so there is a good chance that it is already present on your system. If, however, you are unable to open the *.msi package contained in this zip file, you will need to install the runtime.

The runtime is about 1.5MB and is available from Microsoft -

Using the Startup Control Panel Applet:

Open control panel and select "Startup".

You are presented with a dialog box with several tabs. Each tab represents a different method of starting a program at system startup. These include:

To add an item to a list, right-click some blank space in the list and select "New...". Here you can enter a descriptive name for the program, and the path to the program's executable (you can also browse for it).

To modify an existing item, right-click it and select "Edit...".

To delete an item, right-click it and select Delete.

Items can be disabled by clearing the checkbox next to them or by right-clicking them and selecting "Disable". Disabled items do not run at system startup, but they still appear on the list so that you can re-enable them later. To enable a disabled item, mark the checkbox next to it or right-click it and select "Enable".  You can also drag & drop files from Windows Explorer into one of the lists to add it to the list.

The Startup Control Panel applet was created by Mike Lin, an extremely clever 16 year old form a small town in New Jersey and can be downloaded here - (66kb)

Mike has created a number of useful, low overhead utilities and I highly recommend that you stop by his web site and check them out.  Here is a link that will take you there -

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