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Voice Control For PC Games


Never been an avid player of PC games myself.  While I enjoy the action, excellent graphic atmosphere and compelling 3D sound effects of today's latest releases, I don't have the best hand-eye coordination and, while I can handle a joystick without any difficulty, I have enough stuff crammed into my brain already to learn all of the seemly hundreds of keystrokes, let alone the fact that I'm still a hunt and peck typist.  As if they read my thoughts, the programmers at Mindmaker, Inc. have moved PC gaming to the next level with their release of Game Commander.

Using the latest in voice recognition technology, Game Commander is a fast, efficient voice actuated game control device that can save  you from the myriad of awkward keystrokes used in many of today's games, by assigning voice commands to them. No more delays trying to remember odd keystrokes to issue a command. You want your troops to attack? Simply say “Attack!”.  And does so almost instantaneously, while relying very little on system resources.

All of the keyboard and joystick controls  are left intact.   Game Commander simply supplements them with voice commands so that you can respond to every situation in the fastest and most natural way. You can use the keyboard and joystick for firing and steering, while using  your voice to issue commands that would otherwise distract you or slow you down.  Of particular benefit to me as I constantly had to take my eyes off of the action to determine where on the keyboard were the commands I needed to save myself or take out an enemy.

Game Commander uses speaker-independent voice recognition technology, so no voice training is required. I even handed the mike off mid-game to my daughter and the program never hesitated in following commands from various users. Game Commander   comes packaged with ready-made templates for several popular PC games,(i.e. Battlezone, Diablo, MS Flight Sim. Quake II  etc.)  so it can be installed and used immediately with those games but it's also easy to customize Game Commander to control your other favorite games as well. And, registered users will be able to upload their own or download additional templates for free from the Game Commander website at

Key Features

Game Commander comes packaged with a high quality Parrott™ headset microphone that you plug into your soundcard's microphone input, through which you issue your voice commands, and literally only takes minutes to install and configure.  Once loaded onto your hard drive, simply choose Game Commander from your Start Button routine and you are ready to go...

Customizing your game templates is easily accomplished through the Properties dialog box below...

The price of the program seems quite reasonable at MSRP $49.95, and I found Game Commander to be quick and responsive and overall quite a satisfying tool although I must admit to feeling somewhat awkward at first.  My entire family quickly gave audience to me and my new toy and were soon hovering about giggling at me hysterically, so you may want to make your first few attempts in private if your at all shy.  Believe me though, everyone who saw the program in action wanted a turn for themselves.  I highly recommend it! 

Game Commander comes with an excellent User's Guide (both in booklet form and online in .pdf format) that will answer most of your questions but really is so simple as to make the need for it almost unnecessary.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98

  • 200 MHz Pentium-class processor (minimum)

  • 32 MB of RAM (Some Games may require more)

  • 10 MB free hard disk space

  • Full-duplex, Windows 95/98–compatible sound card

  • CD-ROM drive

  • Mouse

For more information about Game Commander. check out their website at


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