3DMark™ 99 Pro

Graphics Subsystem Benchmark Application

To those who are serious about PC gaming performance, the ability to accurately measure system and subsystem performance are of great importance. Many of us have spent hours learning the ins and outs of system optimization - in other words tweaking , and so it is exceptional to find a new tool that measures not only standards but also the effects of optimization. 3DMark™ 99 Pro is just such a benchmarking tool that focuses on testing 3D performance of the newest standards in 3D accelerators in a "real world" environment.

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Determined to deliver the best possible testing scenario, Futuremark Corporation worked closely with game developers, ISV’s, publishers and graphics chip manufacturers to establish the target performance that will be required through the first half of 1999.

Incorporating Remedy Entertainment's ( the creators of the Final Reality 3D benchmark ) proprietary 3D game technology, Max-FX™, a state of the art engine for performance measurement assures that the results will be comparable to real game standards. because, after all, numbers only tell you so much. A benchmarking tool should be more than just theoretical estimates of actual throughput rates. 3DMark™ 99 is a full suite capable of pushing your system's 3D performance to it's limits while rendering some astoundingly beautiful and interesting screens developed and written expressly for the sole purpose of measuring the qualities and abilities of your graphics subsystem.

An excellent tool for the home user, 3DMark™ 99 offers the ability to compare how different 3D accelerators behave on a wide range of computers.  The 3DMark ™ 99 program is almost foolproof and requires very little user interaction.  After running the series of the 3DMark ™ tests, you view your results in the application's Result Browser,  to see how your system performs under different conditions, such as changing the screen resolution, color depth and different buffering modes. Since the scores rendered by the 3DMark ™99 engine are extremely consistent, you can easily gauge the increases in performance you experience by optimizing your graphics system.   Another very important feature is the  ability to view the Image Quality of your 3D Rendering as gauged against a standard.

And finally, you can submit your results via the Internet to the 3DMark™ Web page where you can make comparisons against other systems. You will also soon be able to download example databases for a larger comparison set.

The 3DMark™ 99 application comes in two flavors the freeware "Lite" version and the reasonably priced "Pro" edition both available for download through FutureMark's 3DMark™ website.

System Requirements

3DMark™ 99 requires the following to be able to run:
Minimum Requirements:
- Intel Pentium Processor or compatible. Minimum 166MHz
- 32MB Memory
- Microsoft Windows 95 or 98.
- Microsoft DirectX 6.0
- A DirectX 6 compatible 3D accelerator

Additional Recommended Requirements for Testing:
- 128MB of system memory
- Free hard disk space for Image Quality pictures
- Windows 95 OSR 2 or higher.

Note to Windows NT users: 3DMark 99 will not work at all under Windows NT 4.0, and while there is a possibility that 3DMark would work under Windows NT 5.0, functionality is not guaranteed. There is no support for Windows NT users currently.

3DMark 99 Lite Features

One Click Benchmarking - Get a single 3DMark score in less than 5 minutes
Awesome Demo - A stunning Demo that is guaranteed to push your system setup to the ultimate limits. Featuring original sound track.
Intuitive User Interface - 3DMark is fully tailored for the end users.
Online Delivery - Download 3DMark™ 99 Lite from www.3dmark.com and visit the resource center for latest drivers and utilities.
Powerful Result Browser - Slide, dice and compare with clinically accurate Result Browser that will make statistic easier than ever.
Extensive Quality Testing with Reference Pictures - Use the comprehensive Quality Tests to unveil the true capacities of the card. Never before has comparing image quality been this easy.
System Diagnostics and information - System Info will analyze and display everything in your system starting from the driver installation dates and ending to memory.
Flexible Benchmarking Tools - Use Templates to save your settings for later references, Projects to keep up to date with individual cards and Databases to store projects.
Global Testing Environment - Compare Your results over the Internet to see how you fare against the fastest computers on the Planet!

3DMark 99 Pro Features

All functionality's of 3DMark 99 Lite and:

Additional Tests - Choose from ten different additional tests to further analyze the nuances of your hardware.
Test Selection and Templates - Save your portfolio of tests to be run into useful templates.
Accurate Advanced Testing Options - Use Advanced Testing options to increase your accuracy and dissolve inconsistencies.
All available High Resolutions Modes - Blast away with all available resolutions up to 1600x1200.
Increased Color Options - Don't settle for less, see the difference between 16-bit and True 32-bit colors.
Advanced Display Settings - Free yourself to run on all advanced display setting including z-buffer and frame buffers.
Dazzling High Resolution Demo - Devastate Your friends by running the demo in all available high resolutions up to 1600 x 1200.

Using the 3DMark™ 99 Pro

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