3DMark™2000 is the latest incarnation of MadOnion.com's (formerly Futuremark) graphics system benchmark built to test your system's performance in 3D games.  One of, if not the most comprehensive 3D graphics benchmark platforms available for testing future game performance. MadOnion.com used input from it's BETA program, game developers and users to predict what is going to be important for future game playing, and using this input re-designed their earlier 3DMark™99 benchmark application to better annex the capabilities of Microsoft's DirectX 7.0, AMD's Enhanced 3DNow! and Intel's SSE and T&L.  3DMark™2000 comes in two flavors.  The "standard" edition, which can be freely downloaded from the MadOnion.com web site, and the reasonably priced "Pro" edition, which comes on CD-ROM and offers extra features which we'll cover a bit later on.

Real World Gaming Performance
Using Remedy Entertainment's proprietary 3D game technology, MAX-FX™ Technology, a state of the art engine for performance measurement, assures that the tests are comparable to actual applications in the 3D gaming world. It also makes for a visually exciting demo and interesting and unusual 3D graphical landscapes throughout the iteration of the tests themselves.  Considering theoretical figures estimating theoretical throughput rates unsatisfactory, MadOnion.com designed the 3DMark2000 to push your system's 3D performance to the limits, not just by drawing millions of triangles simultaneously on screen, but by rushing you through some the most breathtaking 3D animations ever done in real-time on PC.  After the 3DMark tests are run, you can view your results with the Online Results Browser (or offline Results Browser for 3DMark2000 Pro installations), to gauge how your system performs under different conditions, such as various screen resolutions, color depth settings and different buffering modes. You will also be able to view the Image Quality of your 3D Rendering and compare your results globally with others whose systems are registered in MadOnion.com's online database.

What's New in 3DMark™2000?

Minimum System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements 

3DMark™2000 Standard Features

3DMark™2000 Pro Features

3DMark2000 Pro is the commercial version of 3DMark2000. It has the same basic features but adds many useful features for benchmarking professionals:

3DMark2000 The Demo
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