Transcend Announces 133MHz, RAMBUS Motherboard
utilizing the Intelİ 820chipset

Taipei, Taiwan, December 16, 1999/Various Agencies -- Transcend Information,
Inc. today announces the launch of its cutting-edge TS-ACA1 Slot 1 ATX
motherboard utilizing the advanced new Intelİ 820 chipset. It supports
Pentium II/III CPUs (including the new PIII Coppermine) with a full range of
frequencies from 266-733+ MHz.

As well as boasting many new features, the TS-ACA1 supports 133/100 MHz
Front Side Bus. It incorporates the new standard of Rambus Inline Memory
Modules up to PC800 (with 400MHz clock speed), with two RIMM slots giving a
total 1GB memory capacity. High expansion capability is another feature of
this high-end board. It comes with 5x PCI, 1x AGP 4X and 1x AMR slots. To
protect the end-user's investment, Transcend guarantees that every single
component on the board (whether resistor, capacitor, RIMM slot or connector)
is made by a first class manufacturer and individually tested by Transcend

Exciting Features

The combination of a built-in Yamaha 744B PCI sound chip (optional use) and
AMR expansion gives end users an in-built multimedia facility. Advanced
Hardware Monitoring keeps track of the PC's temperature, voltage and fan
speed, while Over Voltage Protection and Over Current Protection guard the
CPU against faulty overclocking. The board supports the 2 channels Ultra
DMA/66 specification HDD and comes with an ATA/66 high quality cable
included. It features a very wide FSB multiplier (from 3x to 8x) and a broad
overclock range from 100-150 MHz.

The BIOS is jumper-free for easy installation and system adjustments. The
TS-ACA1 allows users to protect the BIOS from virus damage, and has a safe
boot-up facility on case faulty overclocking causes system shutdown.
Advanced Power Management and Suspend To RAM ensure a system resume of less
than 7 seconds. The TS-ACA1 also supports LAN/Modem/Mouse/Keyboard Wake-up,
as well as Soft Power Off & Keyboard Power On. Of course the board is fully
Y2K and PC99 compliant

Finally, users will have the confidence that the board also comes with the
standard 2-year Transcend warranty.


Transcend Announces Rambusİ-based Memory
Modules now available Worldwide

Taipei, Taiwan, December 16, 1999/Various Agencies -- Transcend Information,
Inc. today announces the availability of Rambus Inline Memory Modules to an
expectant market. Using Rambus Direct DRAM technology, these modules are
designed for use with the Intelİ 820 chipset, as well as future Intelİ

Although it is too early to say whether RDDRAM will become dominant as the
new industry standard, Transcend Information, Inc. is committed to making
this exciting new technology available to our customers worldwide. Modules
are manufactured in our ultra modern production facility using only top
quality components. And all of our RIMMs come with the standard lifetime
warranty for all Transcend's memory products.

Note to Editors:
Established in 1988, Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend) is one of the
world's largest memory manufacturers, with a current range of over 2000
memory lines. It was the first company in Taiwan to gain the ISO 9001
certification in memory products and the first company in the world to offer
memory with a lifetime guarantee.
Transcend broke into the motherboard market in 1998 and now offers
award-winning designs for both Slot 1 and Socket 370 processors, with a
plethora of chipsets, form factors and leading edge features.  Transcend is
one of the few companies to ensure that every motherboard component is Intel
The company operates a global manufacturing and logistics network with over
300 employees in Taiwan, the USA, Holland, Germany and Japan. This network
means customers get local technical support, and can expect product delivery
within 24 hours. After 11 years of sustained growth, Transcend's total
revenues reached US$200 million in 1998.

Contact Information:

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Toll Free:800-886-5590

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