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Socket 370 Board Integrated With SiS620 Chipset


FREMONT, CA (January 18, 1999) – Elitegroup announces the release of a highly integrated Socket 370 board – the P6SEP-Me. Along with SiS620 chipset architecture, P6SEP-Me has built in EliteTM PCI Audio Chip CMI8338 sound chip and SiS6326 video chip.

P6SEP-Me, a microATX form factor board supporting 66/100MHz FSB (Front Side Bus), is designed for the latest Intel Celeron PPGA (Plastic Pin Grid Array) 300A/333/366/400MHz processor. According to Intel, the new Intel Celeron will perform nearly on par with existing 100MHz-bus Pentium II systems and will outperform many older Pentium II systems with 66MHz system bus, at a cost of several hundred dollars less. The PPGA package, specially designed for entry-level PC platform, utilizes a 370-pin socket connector to minimize system cost at the processor level. The 370-pin socket connector design also eliminates the need for a processor retention mechanism, further reducing system level cost and integration time.

P6SEP-Me features a high level of integrated functions provided by the on-board chipset. The SiS620 is integrated with an AGP 3D-graphics controller using a shared memory architecture that allows it use either 2MB, 4MB or 8MB of the system’s memory. The on-board EliteTM PCI Audio Chip – CMI8338 can provide your system with outstanding HRTF-based 3D positional audio quality with four channel speakers and a professional digital sound audio interface at 24bits SPDIF IN (0.5V~5V) and OUT. Equipped with four expansion slots (1xISA, 3xPCI – 1 shared), P6SEP-Me gives users generous expansion capabilities. Three DIMM memory modules support up to 1.5GB PC/100 SDRAM.

P6SEP-Me has incorporated the most advanced technologies such as LAN/Modem Power On, SB-LINKTM, Resetable Fuse, PC-Cillin Antivirus software and Hardware Monitoring Function with CPU Thermal Detector. With LAN/Modem Power On capability, systems can be easily woken up from its "sleep-state" to receive in-coming faxes, voice-mail and also data transfers. SB-LINKTM from Creative provides this board with backward compatibility between PCI audio chip and ISA audio chip (PC to PCI technology). We have also designed the Resetable Fuse for this board to protect keyboard, mouse and USB devices during the hot plug process. P6SEP-Me is bundled with a full version of PC-Cillin Anti-Virus software, which can effectively detect and remove all viruses that may threaten your PC’s data. This board also provides a "Hardware Monitoring" function from the SiS5595 chip, which monitors and reports the environmental conditions of your systems such as system voltage, system temperature, fan speed and CPU temperature with a CPU Thermal Detector. With a MSRP of $120.00, P6SEP-Me is an effective way of giving end users more flexibility on low cost systems.

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