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Reduced Size Enables OEMs Of Portable, Desktop Computers To Double Memory Capacity
IRVINE, Calif., February 17, 2000 - Kingmax Micro Technology is introducing its TinyBGA DRAM Module, a first-of-its-kind line of memory modules that enables OEMs of portable and desktop computers to double memory capacity in the same space as TSOP modules.
With the TinyBGA (Ball Grid Array), the DRAM module pins fit onto motherboards in total compliance with industry standards. However, the TinyBGA employs a proprietary low-profile, high-density Chip Scale Package (CSP) architecture that creates up to a 50 percent reduction in the module's physical size compared to conventional TSOP (Thin Small Outline Package) assembly.
   For a 64 MB DRAM chip, for instance, the TinyBGA has a package length of 0.35 inch (or 9 mm) and a width of 0.47 inch (12 mm), compared to a TSOP package length of 0.46 inch (11.8 mm) and a width of 0.88 inch (22.3 mm). 
   With a package height of less than 0.06 inch (1.4 mm), the TinyGBA fits in the most de-manding space restrictions. OEMs can use the TinyBGA to expand memory for desktop applications such as graphic design and add greater capability to portables; or, component size can be further reduced for ever-smaller embedded systems (cell phones, cameras, etc.) In addition to OEMs of portable (notebooks and palmtops) and desktop computers (PCs and Macs), Kingmax will market its memory modules to systems integrators, motherboard manufacturers and national distributors.
"The portable segment of the computer industry is one of the fastest growing areas of the total market and this is where we envision the most rapid adoption of the TinyBGA," said Joseph Wu, vice president for Kingmax. "OEMs are under increasing competitive pressure to make their products smaller, lighter and more powerful. Our TinyBGA provides an important new solution as the space requirements of DRAM modules has not been looked at in a fresh way for a long time." 

TinyBGA Provides Performance Benefits Beyond Size, Capacity
Beyond module size and resulting capacity increases, the TinyBGA brings a number of additional quality enhancements to system DRAM memory.

"Kingmax has made a significant investment in the design and implementation of the TinyBGA technique, but the actual production costs are less than TSOP and we will pass on those savings to our customers," said Mr. Wu. "In addition, our TinyBGA is made from only top-grade materials supplied by major DRAM manufacturers."
The TinyBGA is available immediately from Kingmax with pricing varying with quantity purchase and memory capacity of the DRAM chip (168- and 144-pin modules are both available in capacities ranging from 32 MB to 256 MB). For more information, including proof of compatibility testing results with Intel and other manufacturers' products, contact Kingmax at 1-949-454-9888 or visit the company's web site at

About Kingmax 
Founded in 1989, with world headquarters in Taiwan, Kingmax has maintained U.S. facilities 
since 1994, in addition to offices in Australia and The Netherlands. Kingmax's North American 
operations are based in Irvine, Calif., and the firm also has offices in Santa Clara, Calif. and Edison, N.J. The company employs about 550 people worldwide and projects total 1999 revenues will top $250 million. Kingmax manufactures PC cards (for communications, multi-media and storage applications) and memory upgrades (a comprehensive roster of DRAM modules) for portable and desktop computers, workstations and printers. The company also produces LAN/WAN networking products (hubs and adapters).