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January 24, 2000

Iwill Slocket II Socket 370 to Slot 1 Adapter Review - AnandTech
Asus V6600 Pure GeForce256 Review - Extreme Hardware
Low Cost 17" Monitor Round-Up - FiringSquad
MSI BXMaster Slot 1 Mainboard Review - TweakTown
Outlaw Water Cooling Kit Review - ClubOverclockers
Palo Alto PA-600 Computer Case Review - Target PC
Guillemot maxi-Sound Fortissimo Review - Tweak3D
Fong Kai 600/603 Computer Case Review - Ars Technica
AOpen AX6C Slot 1 Mainboard Review - Got Apex?
S3 Savage 2000 Diamond Viper II Review - Sharky Extreme
AMD Athlon 1GHz: Running Linux - CPU Review
Ultimate 3D Video Deathmatch - Ace's Hardware
AMD Athlon Overclocking Guide - AnandTech
Comdex West 2000 Report - The Tech Zone
Unreal Tournament Tweak Guide - 3D Spotlight
Pioneer DVD-303S SCSI DVD-ROM Drive Review - BoomGames
Transmeta Crusoe Processor Preview - iXBT Hardware
Swiftech MC370 Cooler Review - FiringSquad
Guide: Home Networking 101 - Digital-Clips
AGP Overclocking Survey - Overclockers
3D or Not 3D: That's the Question - HardNews
DDR vs. Rambus Performance Comparison - InQuest
Results of Sanding Two Celeron 366 PPGA Processors - Overclockin
Intel Celeron 366 at 550MHz Processor Review (German) - Hartware
System-Logic D-Link USB Radio Giveaway - SystemLogic
Toshiba SD-M1302 8X DVD-ROM Drive Review (French) - Matos2000
Ninja Micro FreeSpeed Pro Athlon Overclocking Card Review - LostCircuits
FujiFilm MX-1700 Zoom Digital Camera Review - Chick's Hardware
A-Tec Cobra 2000 USB memory Card Reader Review - Dan's Data
Supermicro PIIISED Slot 1 Mainboard Review - AnandTech
Updated AMD Athlon 800MHz CPU Review - FiringSquad
Fong Kai FK-603 Computer Case Review - AnandTech
3Com Palm IIIe Special Edition Review - Digital-Clips
Razer Boomslang 2000 Mouse Review - GA-Source
Microsoft SideWinder Dual Strike Review - Ingava
Epson PhotoPC 850 Digital Camera Review - DCRP
Elsa Erazor X GeForce256 Review - Maximum3D
Logitech iTouch Keyboard Review - nV News
Does GeForce Handle T&L Lights? - Hard OCP
Game Gear: The Coppermine - Game Forces
Updated Bios Optimization Guide - Adrian' Rojak Pot
New Gigabyte K7 Mainboard Info - Ace's Hardware
Hardware vs. Software in the Future - Voodoo Extreme

January 23, 2000

Addtronics W8500 WTX Workstation/Server Case Review - AnandTech
Best Data Theatrix Dolby 5.1 Sound Card Review - HardwarePros
Transcend TS-AWE1 Slot 1 Mainboard Review - Singapore Hardware Zone
Asus K7M Slot A Mainboard Review - Singapore Hardware Zone
Cardexpert TNT Ultra AGP Review - Singapore Hardware Zone
HP DeskJet 970Cxi Printer Review - Singapore Hardware Zone
Giant Hard Disk Drive Shootout - Singapore Hardware Zone
Transmeta Crusoe Processor Preview - Overclockers' Haven
Azza PT-810MDC Slot 1 Mainboard Review - PCInsight
Asus AGP-V6600 Deluxe Review (German) - Hartware
Aureal Vortex2 SQ2500 Quad PCI Sound Card Review - PC Critix
Quantum3D AAlchemy 4 3D Graphics Subsystem Info - Quantum3D
Saitek Cyborg 2000 Joystick Review - Canadian Gaming Server
Updated GeForce Driver Comparison - Deafening Silence
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer Review - CTNews
Razer Boomslang 2000 Mouse Review - GameWire
Pentium III 750MHz Processor Review - T-Break
Copper Chips Boost IBM Hardware - InfoWorld
Creative BlasterKey MP3 Keyboard Review - Hammet
3DCool Tornado 1000 Case Review - Exxtreme3D

January 21, 2000

Asus P3C-E Slot 1 Mainboard Review - GameSpot
Saitek R100 PC Racing Wheel Review - GameCenter
Pinout Difference: Celeron vs. FC-PGA PIII - Diego
AnandTech Heatsink Testing Methodology - AnandTech
New Updated "How Much Ya Bench?" Article - HotHardware
Olympus C-2500L Digital Camera Review - DCRP
Ratpadz Gaming Mouse Pad Review - Deez Tech
Asus V6600 vs. Elsa Erazor X2 - Gamers Depot
nVidia Investor Company Report - nV News
Athlon Gold Finger Board Review - K7OC
3dfx Cool Voodoo Cooler Review - 3DGN
Sega Dreamcast Review - Sharky Extreme
STIKit Joystick Review - Fast-MHz
AOpen AX6C Slot 1 Mainboard Review - Real World Technologies
Karna Razor Boomslang 2000 Mouse Review - 3D-Unlimited
LinkSys EtherFast 10/100 LAN Card Review - Arash's Best
AMK CO-3123 Control Panel Review - The Tech Zone
GlobalWin Heatsink Giveaway Contest - DocHardware

January 20, 2000

Western Digital Caviar 20.5GB Hard Drive Review - The StorageReview
Diamond HomeFree Wireless & Phone Line Networking Kits - Tweak3D
Things You Can Do With Old Speakers - FPS3D
Building a Water Cooler - Overclockers
Microsoft SideWinder Dual Strike Controller Review - EuroGamer
Overclocking & Supercooling, Is It All Worth It? - GameSurge
AGP Sidebanding vs. AGP Overclocking - Adrian's Rojak Pot
Editorial: The Latest and Greatest - Dux Computer Digest
Guillemot Force Feedback Racing Wheel Review - CGO
GlobalWin YCC-801 Computer Case Review - 2CPU
Hoontech SoundTrack Digital-NX Sound Card Review - 3D Sound Surge
The Future of PC Memory - Thresh's FiringSquad
Sanding Your Processor - Overclockin
DirectX - Better Than NT? - Tom's Hardware Guide
nVidia/SGI/VA Linux Open GL Q&A - CPU Review
Hauppauge WinTV/GO Review - CTNews
3dfx and Linux Article - 3D Wars
How to Make Your Own BlowHole - Hard OCP
Updated Weekly CPU Prices - Sharky Extreme
Got Apex's Guide to Good Deals - Got Apex?
Enhanced Memory Systems PC-133 HSDRAM Review - Got Apex?
Elsa Erazor X GeForce256 Review - 3D Rage
Fujitsu Does Graphics RAM - Maximum PC
MGIE Introducess UPS with USB Interface - USB Workshop
Oracle to Offer Disaster-Recovery Systems - TechWeb
X10 Reveals Wireless-GigaCam Camera - USB Workshop

January 19, 2000

VIA Joshua Processor Preview - iXBT-Hardware
Elsa Erazor X GeForce256 Review - Planet Hardware
Epson PhotoPC 850Z Digital Camera Review - DCR
Q3A W2K SMP Shoot Out -  FiringSquad
Sys Technology Cold Fusion 1000 Review - GameSpot
Absolute Multimedia GeForce256 DDR Review - Sharky Extreme
Speculation on the Transmeta Crusoe - JC's PC News'n'Links
Leadtek WinFast GeForce256 DDR Review - HotHardware
Evergreen Spectra 400 Upgrade Review - IT Reviews
nVidia GeForce DDR Overclocking Article - Planet GeForce
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer Review - ComputingPros
Asus P3C2000 Slot 1 Mainboard Review - LostCircuits
Abit WB6 Slot 1 Mainboard Review - AGN Hardware
Updated CPU Price Chart - Tech-Review
3Com Internet Gaming Modem Giveaway - GameSpy
Asus V6600 vs. Guillemot 3D Prophet GeForce256 Benchmarks - Guru3D
Behind the Scenes: 3D Engines, Part 3 - Voodoo Extreme
Sigma Designs RealMagic Hollywood+ Review - 3D Audio Immersion
Asus P3C2000 Slot 1 Mainboard Review - Overclockers Australia
Asus P3C2000 Slot 1 Mainboard Review -  FiringSquad
Running Multiple Operating Systems Article - Glide Underground
Sys Cold Fusion 1GHz Athlon System Review - Ace's Hardware
Tyan S1832DL Tiger 100 Slot 1 Mainboard Review - AllHW
Coppermine Overclocking and AGP Speeds - Overclockers
Racer 12/4/32 CD-RW Drive Review (French) - Hardware-fr
D-Link DHN-910 Networking Kit Review - Planet GeForce
Guillemot 3D Prophet DDR-DVI Review - Sharky Extreme
AMD Athlon 800 MHz CPU Review - Gamers Depot
10X DVD-ROM Drives: Speed to Spare - PC World
Intel Celeron 533 MHz CPU Review - AnandTech
AMD Athlon 700 MHz CPU Review - CTNews
Palo Alto ATCX Case Review - Ars-Technica
Microsoft IntelliMouse Review - Tech-Arena
The Audio Week in Review - 3D SoundSurge

January 16, 2000

Gigabyte GA-660 Plus TNT2-Pro Review - AnandTech
ActionTec Camera Connect Pro Review - CPU Review
DIMM Performance Comparison Table - LostCircuits
Hard Drive Installation Guide - Thresh's FiringSquad
3Com Internet Gaming Modem Review - Tweak3D
Windows 2000 vs. Windows 98SE Comparison - Riva Station
Asus P3C2000 Slot 1 Mainboard Review - iXBT Hardware
MSI BXMaster Slot 1 Mainboard Review -
Gamers Depot
EMS PC133 128MB HSDRAM DIMM Review - GlideUnderground
EverGlide Announces New Giganta Mousing Surface - GameWire
Skywell TNT2 M64 Video Card Review - Overclockers Australia
Enabling SBA with GeForce and Athlon Systems - 3DSpotlight
Monsoon MH-500 Flat Panel Speakers Review - GameWire
3DCool Tornado 1000 Computer Case Review - Unca Milty
Panasonic PalmCam  Digital Camera Review - PC World
New Pentium Processor for Laptops Coming - Adrenaline Vault
January Sharky Extreme Buyer's Guide - Sharky Extreme
Replacing a Viper 770 Heatsink - nV News
AOpen HX-08 Computer Case Review - Heatsink
ACT-Labs RS Shifter Review - GameSpot
Price Clips - 6th Edition January 2000 - Digital-Clips
The Transistorized and Tormented: Episode XVI - PCMechanic
Power Supplies: How Much Does That Box Use Anyway - Target PC

January 14, 2000

Yamaha CDW8424 & Pioneer DVD-303S Review - Fast-MHz
Midiland S4/7100 Speaker System Review - AnandTech
Elsa Erazor X vs. Asus V6600 Comparison - 3D Wars
SoundBlaster Live! Platinum Review - Ars-Technica
Eiger Announces Generation 2 MP3 Player - 3D Sound Source
Abit BH6 + Coppermine at 133Mhz - Overclock
Hercules 3D Prophet DDR-DVI Review - CGO
3dfx VSA-100 Information - Voodoo Extreme
Mustang to Use x86-64? - Ace's Hardware

January 12, 2000

AOpen AX6BC Pro II Slot 1 Mainboard Review - 3DHardware
Promise Ultra66 PCI Controller Card Review - Planet Hardware
Overclocking the FC-PGA Coppermine: Part II - AnandTech
AMD Athlon 800MHz CPU Review - Thresh's FiringSquad
Soyo K7AIA Slot A Mainboard Review - SpecialityTech
ATI Rage Fury Maxx Review - Computer Games Online
NEC 40x Ultra SCSI CD-ROM Drive Review - 3D Alpha
TennMax Detonator Cooler Review - The Tech Zone
GeForce Driver Comparison - The Deafening Silence
Ricoh RW7060A CD-RW Drive Review - GameWire
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer Review - ComputingPros
Mouse Pad Comparison: Ratpadz vs. Everglide - 3DWars
Sonigistix Monsoon MH-500 Speakers Review - ZDNet
Build Your Own Home Network Guide - PC Mechanic
Plextor Plexwriter 8/4/32X Review - HardwareCentral
3DCool Product Line Overview - AGN Hardware
Iwill SIDEpro66 ATA66 Controller Card Review - ActiveHardware
Seagate U8 17.2 GB ATA-66 Hard Drive Review - StorageReview
SYS Technology 1GHz  Athlon System Review - Sharky Extreme
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer Review - Glide Underground
Pine D'Music Digital MP3 Player Review - Hardware Extreme
Guillemot Ferrari Force Feedback Wheel Review - GameSpot
3dfx Voodoo4 / Voodoo5 Q&A - Extreme Hardware
Asus P3C-E Slot 1 Mainboard Review - Riva 3D
Abit BE6-II Slot 1 Mainboard Review - T-Break
Video RAM Caching Guide - Adrian's Rojak Pot
Intel Pentium III 550E CPU Review - UncaMilty
3dfx Voodoo 3 3500 TV Review - 3D-Unlimited
Updated Weekly CPU Price Chart - Tech-Review

January 11, 2000

The RatPad Mouse Pad Review - FullOn3D
ATI Rage Fury Maxx Review - Digital Web
HP 20GB Tape Drive Review - PC World
UGeek PC Building Guide- UGeek
List of Future MSI Products - iXBT Hardware
Guillemot Force Feedback Joystick Review - Beyond3D
Creative Labs Annihilator Pro Review - Planet 3DNow!
Intel Pentium III FC-PGA CPU Review - LostCircuits
Sys Cold-Fusion 1GHz Athlon System Review - CPU Review
Guillemot Prophet DDR-DVI Review - Gaming in 3D
VIA Apollo Pro133A Mainboard Partners - VIA
Revised FIC SD-11 Slot A Mainboard Review - AnandTech
SoundTrack Digital-XG Sound Card Review - 3DSoundSurge
Razer Boomslang 2000 Mouse Review - FullOn3D
Scene Graphs Explained - Tom's Hardware Guide
Diamond Viper II Savage 2000 Review - GamePC
AMD Athlon CPU L2 Cache Comparison Chart - K7Core
Intel Celeron 533Mhz PPGA CPU Review - Sharky Extreme
D-Link DHN-910 Phoneline Networking Kit Review - Overclockin
Casio Cassiopeai E-100 Handheld Review - 3D Gaming Network
LG 795ft Plus 17" Monitor Review - Atomic Geek
Tweaking 3D Performance Guide - Game Forces
Aztech PCI 368DSP Sound Card Review - iXBT Hardware
Plextor PlexWriter 8/4/32A Review - Voodoo Extreme
Polar Logic Arctic Circle Cooler Review - Hard OCP
NetGear  DB 104 Network Starter Kit Review - Gamers Depot
D-Link DSB-C300 USB Color Camera Review - SystemLogic
Elsa GLoria II Quadro SDR Review - AnandTech
Diamond Viper II Z200 Review - Alternative Gamer
How to Update NT the Wrong Way - Ars Technica

January 10, 2000

Hercules 3D Prophet DDR-DVI GeForce256 Review - FiringSquad
RDJD K 601 Fansync Review - Club Overclockers
Guillemot Prophet 3D SDR GeForce256 Review - 3D Retreat
AVB Sonix S-2000 Speaker System Review - 3DHardware
Sony DSC-F505 digital Camera Review - DPReview
Abit VA6 Slot 1 Mainboard Review - Unca Milty
Abit BE6-II Slot 1 Mainboard Review - CT News
Razer Boomslang 2000 Mouse Review - FPS 3D
Logitech WingMan Force Feedback Mouse Review - Reviewboard
Yamaha 8424S CD-RW Drive Review - Atomic Geek
Razer BoomSlang 2000 Mouse Review - 3D Accelerated Gaming
Microsoft IntelliMouse with IntelliEye Review - Digital-Clips
Pine D'Music MP3 Player Review - GameWire
VIA's Chipset Plans for 2000 - iXBT
DVD Player Buyer's Guide - Sharky Extreme
Koss R-65B Headset Review - GameSpot
Zenith Shows First Digital Audio Products - 3D Sound Source
Boston Acoustics Intros USB Speaker System - 3D Sound Source
New MP3 Players Breeding Like Rabbits - Maximum PC
Asus i820 Mainboard Specs and Pricing - WaveMatrix
3DMark 2000 Review - PC Paradox
AMD Athlon Plans for 2000 - AMD
Matrox Millennium 400 Review - FusionHardware
3dfx Voodoo 3 3000 PCI Review - HotHardware
CES 2000 Report Part 1 - FiringSquad
RDJD K710 SECC1 Cooler Review - Target PC
How to Build The Computer For You - Target PC

January 5, 1999

The AMD Athlon 800 at 900MHz Review - The Tech Report
ECS FI-5000 Pre-System Review - PCHardware2000
Buddy B-210 Virtual PC System Review - Overclockers Australia
Microsoft Precision Racing Wheel Review - PC SportsUpdate
The Basics of Cooling & Heatsink Technology - AnandTech
ActionTec USB Single-Room Starter Kit Review - Speedy 3D
Aureal Vortex2 SQ2500 Sound Card Review - Gamers Depot
Creative 3D Blaster Annihilator Review - Beyond 3D
Elsa Erazor X GeForce 256 Review - 3DGN
Samsung SyncMaster 900SL 19" Monitor Review - Power Gamerz
AOpen AX6BC Pro II Millennium Edition Review - LostCircuits
Karna LCC Razer Boomslang 2000 Mouse Review - 3D Retreat
Benwin BW2000 Flat Panel Speakers Review - SystemLogic
Ricoh MP7060A-DP CD-RW Drive Review - Jsi Hardware
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer Review - ReviewFinder
Pontis MP3 Player Review - 3D Accelerated Gaming
Dreamcast vs. PC Round 2  - FiringSquad
Trident 4DWave-NX Sound Card Review - 3DSoundSurge
Intel P3-600 FC-PGA Overclocking -  FiringSquad
Maxtor Diamond Max 36GB Hard Drive Review - CTNews
Microsoft Dual Strike and Sidewinder Pro Reviews - Glide Underground
Sony FD Trinitron VAIO HMD-A20 17" Monitor Review - Digital-Clips
Turtle Beach Montego & Montego II Card Comparison - Dan's Data
Addtronics 6896 Full Tower Case Review - FPS3D
Industry Update: January '00 - Real World Technologies
Outside Loop Computer Afterburner Review - Hard OCP
Intel Pentium III 750 & 800 Reviews (French) - Hardware
G4 vs. Athlon: PhotoShop & LightWave - CPU Review
Swiftech MC 370-2 Active Cooler Review - Deez Tech
Intel Celeron 533 MHz Processor Review - Natural 3D Tech
D-Link DHN-910 Networking Kit Review - 3D Rage
Aspects of a Performance Machine - SystemLogic
3Com Internet Gaming Modem Review - 3D Alpha
Mac World San Francisco Preview - OsOpinion
Macintosh Extreme - Issue #1 - Sharky Extreme
PPGA Heatsink Roundup - Overclockin
Asus V6600 Pure Review - Digital Web
AMD Socket A Diagram - FullOn3D

January 4, 2000

Comparison of Athlon Mainboards - Overclocker's Workbench
Sony VAIO HMD-A200 17" Monitor Review - Digital Clips
Asus V6800 DDR Deluxe GeForce256 Review - GamePC
Asus V6600 Deluxe GeForce256 Review -
Diamond Rio 500 MP3 Player Review - GA-Source
Digicom Pro 2000 - Budget Athlon PCs? - Ace's Hardware
Elsa Erazor X GeForce256 DDR Review - Sharky Extreme
Sound Blaster Live! Platinum Review - ActiveWindows
Kodak DC290 Digital Camera Review - DPReview
Athlon L2 Cache Control Via Software? - The Tech Report
Tyan S1854 Trinity 400 Slot 1/Socket 370 Mainboard Review - PenStar Systems
HardwareCentral December Buyer's Guide - HardwareCentral
Klipsch ProMedia V.2-400 Speaker System Review - IGamer
Gallant OdysseySound 2i Speakers Review - GA-Source
Plextor PlexWrite 8/4/32 CD-RW Drive Review - Damage Gaming
Pro/Engineer Performance of High End x86 CPUs - AnandTech
Plextor PlexWrite 8/4/32 CD-RW Drive Review - Tech-Review
Aureal Vortex 2 SQ2500 Sound Card Review - BoomGames
An Architectural Look: G4 vs. K7 - Ars Technica
Big Things in the 21st Century - 24 Hour Gamer
Matrox Millennium G400 Max Review - Cole3D
Asus V6600 Deluxe Review - Gamers Depot

January 2, 2000

Gigabyte GA-6CX i820 Mainboard Review - Hot Hardware
AOpen AX6BC Pro II Slot 1 Mainboard Review - AnandTech
Acer SVP 10-40A 10X DVD-ROM Drive Review - CTNews
Athlon 850MHz Overclocked System Review - 3D Rage
Supermicro PIIISCD Slot 1 Mainboard Review - iXBT
VideoLogic DigiTheater Decoder Review - Tech-Junkie
ATI Rage Fury Maxx Review - Tom's Hardware Guide
S3/Diamond Savage 2000 In-Depth - Sharky Extreme
Pentium III-650 Coppermine at 807MHz - Hard OCP
Diamond HomeFree Networking Kit Review - CNet
VideoLogic DVD Player Review - Tech-Junkie
Epox EP-USB66 Controller Review - 3D Alpha
Dreamcast vs. PS Round 1 - FiringSquad
Article: 3dfx Assessed - FPS3D

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