Ricoh MP6090A CD-RW/DVD Drive
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The idea is sound. Double laser diodes in one pick up module enable CD-RW functionality and DVD-ROM capabilities in one drive. A single Laser diode with 780nm wave length supports CD-R/RW and CD-ROM while another diode, with 650nm wave length supports DVD-ROM. A four function drive saves slot space and IDE channels in your PC as well and, though the drive is somewhat pricey at Ricoh's suggested retail $399.00 it can be purchased online significantly cheaper from a number of sources, the cost of purchasing multiple drives. Throw in a large 2MB cache to insure successful CD-R/RW recording and smooth DVD playback and design it for low power consumption to eliminate the need for additional cooling and include a great software bundle and you've got Ricoh's MediaMaster MP9060A all-in-one CD-RW/DVD drive. The drive supports S/PDIF digital sound output if you have your own cabling, 8X audio reading and (DAE) digital audio extraction at 24X.
Ricoh includes a Quick Start installation guide which comes in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish versions and walks you easil;y through the process of setting up the MP9060A. One ea. blank CD-R and CD-RW media disks and all the software you need to get the greatest benefits from your CD-R/RW & DVD-ROM drive is provided as well, including;


Ricoh MP9060A IDE CD-RW/DVD Drive Specifications
Type Internal
Interface ATAPI
Buffer memory 2MB
Writing speed 6x, 4x,2x,1x(CD-R) 4x,2x, 1x(CD-RW)          
Reading Speed 24xMax(CD-RW/CD-R/CD-ROM)
Writing method Disc At Once, Track At Once, Multi-session Session At Once, Packet Writing
Writing formats CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-ROM+CD-DA,
CD-ROM XA, VideoCD, CD-I, PhotoCD,
CD Extra, CD TEXT, Bootable CD
Aver. access time 120msec (CD-RW/CD-R/CD-ROM)
200msec (DVD-ROM)
Loading method Tray
Installation Vertical/Horizontal
Power req. DC +5v and +12v
Power consumption 12W (Max)
Weight 1.5kg
(W x D x H)
146.0 X198.0(Including the front panel) x 41.3mm
Error rate Less than 10·12 bits
Temperature Operating: +5 - +40 C Non-operating: -30 -    +65 C
Error rate Less than 10 - 12 bits
Humidity Operating: 5 - 90% RH Non-operating:
5 - 95% RH
System Requirements
for CD-R/RW Writing
Hardware: IBM PC/AT Compatible (Pentium   166MHz or higher),
1 free slot for half-height drive
1 free connector for +12V/+5V
1E-IDE interface connector
(Primary slave, Secondary Master or slave)
OS: Windows 95/98/NT WS4.0 (service pack 3 or later)
RAM: 32MB Minimum(64MB recommended for NT)
HD: Over 1GB hard drive(minimum 75MB free drive space)

OS: Windows 98, Windows 95 OSR2.0, Window 95 USB version with DMA of DVD Drive, Windows NT4.0 (Service Pack 3 or later)
CPU: Pentium II 233MHz or higher
RAM: 32MB minimum
VGA with Motion Compensation (With no Motion Compensation, Pentium II 300MHz or Higher
SoundCard: Audio Sound Card correspond to Windows OS (available for Aureal A3D, Available for DirectSound)

VGA Chip compatibility: 

Maker Chip MotionCompensation Quality
ATI RagePro
Supported Excellent
RageIIC No Very Good
nVIDIA TNT2 No Very Good
Riva128/ZX/TNT No Very Good
Intel i810 Supported Excellent
i740 No Very Good
Matrox MillenniumG200
No Very Good
3dfx VoodooBanshee
No Very Good
S3 Savage4 No Very Good

Setup and Performance


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