In Praise of DVD!!!

The drive itself is firmware version 1.5 and I understand it can be flash upgraded but considering its present performance; I am of the old adage "If it ain't broke..."

Creative PC-DVD x2 Performance

Data Throughput 2109.87KBs (2x) 2640.76KBs (16x)
Data Access Time 184ms 110ms

Movie playback on the monitor appears outstanding at 800x600 @ 16bpp. but tends to blur a bit as the resolution increases and gets a bit blocky at 640x480 @ 8bpp. But its on the home TV where the performance of DVD really shines. The color and resolution at 60MHz are outstanding.  And the audio through our Pro Logic Home Theater system is absolutely riveting.  You should be aware however that not all movie titles are equal.  The Devil's Advocate, for instance looks absolutely horrible with this setup.  I mean it could give you seizures.  That is the only disk in my experience to function that poorly but I understand that others are out there.  The store where we purchased the disk let us exchange it without a fuss when we explained the problem.

player.jpg (13915 bytes)

awardgold.gif (6926 bytes) Unfortunately I will have to report on DVD gameplay at a later date as The one and only game I bought doesn't function on this setup either.  Tech support from Access Software said that they were working on a fix.  So that will have to wait until I can rustle up a game that will work.  All in all and even with the difficulty I do recommend this device.  Every time I look at a movie I can't help but...

Last Update Sept. 08, 1998

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