Transcend PGA370/Slot-1 Adapter
   Established in 1988, Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend) is one of the world's largest memory manufacturers, with a current range of over 2000 memory lines. It was the first company in Taiwan to gain the ISO 9001 certification in memory products and the first company in the world to offer memory with a lifetime guarantee.
   Transcend broke into the motherboard market in 1998 and now offers award-winning designs for both Slot-1 and Socket 370 processors, with a plethora of chipsets, form factors and leading edge features.  The company has also recently announced the upcoming release of a new Slot-A platform mainboard based on the VIA KX133 chipset.  Transcend is one of the few companies to ensure that every motherboard component is Intel approved. That says a lot about the quality and workmanship the company



   The adapter card ships out with only a small sheet of settings and nothing else.  No instructions for use but hey, it's simple enough not to require them but the good news is that the sheet is done in the form of a peel and stick label which can be affixed to the back of the converter card so you won't lose the settings. (I have twice had to download the settings for Iwill's Slocket II converter card 'cause I misplaced the instruction sheet.)
   Easier to configure than the Iwill Slocket II, the Transcend TS-S370 is set through the use of 3 jumpers (1 reserved) and a six station dipswitch block.  JP1 and JP 3 force the external CPU frequency to 66/100 or 133MHz (JP2 is set as either an Intel CPU or reserved), and the first 5 of the dipswitches set the CPU core voltage from 1.55v to 2.10v in 0.05v increments and from 2.10v to 2.60v in 0.10v increments.  The sixth dipswich overrides the previous five and will set the Vcore to auto-detect.  Once you have selected the settings you want simply install your processor and heatsink/fan combo on the card and set it in your mainboard's  CPU slot (Slot-1) plug in the fan and you're all set.

   There seems to be almost no degradation of performance whatsoever under normal use with the TS-S370.  In order to test this we used the Shuttle ME64 mainboard equipped with both  a Slot-1 slot and socket 370 socket.

Test Configuration for Transcend TS-S370

Mainboard Shuttle ME64
Chipset Intel 810E AGPset 
Processor(s) Intel® PPGA Celeron™ 500MHz
Intel® FC-PGA Pentium III 500E
Memory 1x64MB PC100
Generic (CAS3)
Hard Drive Western Digital WD64AA 
6.4G Ultra ATA/66 5400RPM
Graphics Adapter Integrated i810E AGP
W/ 4MB 133MHz Display Cache
Operating System Windows 98 SE

   Then ran Ziff-Davis Winstone 99 to see how the scores compared with the same processors in the different slot/socket.  The scores below reflect averages over three iterations under each configuration...

You may notice that only the slotted PIII 500E scored at 133MHz FSB.  This is because the system was too unstable using the PIII 500E at that frequency in the PGA370 socket.

   There is a lot to be said for the performance of the latest FC-PGA PIIIs and PPGA Celerons and if your using a Slot-1 platform mainboard this should definitely be something you'll want to have on hand.  Judging from the invoice the TS-S370 Adapter card will retail at about 60% of the cost of Iwill's similar product but may not be as easy to find.

If Transcend isn't a name you're familiar with you can find out more about their memory and mainboard products on the US Transcend web site at !

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