Frontx CPX Multimedia Ports

CPX Multimedia Ports : relocate soundcard ports to the front

CPX (Computer Port Extension) is a new product invented by a Malaysian company, Frontx CPX Sdn Bhd, and is supported by the Malaysian government through Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC).

The invention serves to relocate computer ports to the front of the PC system by means of custom designed extension cables. A custom designed casing, which can be fitted into the 5.25" drive bay, holds the relocated ports, and positions the ports at the front of the PC tower. Simple, isn't it? Don't worry about the mess of cables, as these extension cables are run inside the computer chassis, and not visible to the eyes of user. Another ingenious feature of the invention is its flexibility in selecting the ports need to be relocated, as each extension cable is an individual unit by itself.

As CPX is a range of products consists of the casing and "extension cables", and to ease the user's choice, the company decided to launch its first package of CPX product, named as CPX Multimedia Ports (CPX M Ports). As the name suggests, CPX M Ports consists of a casing and a packaged multimedia ports, namely Audio-In, Earphone, Microphone and Game ports. These are the basic ports found in most soundcards and multimedia computers.

CPX M Ports is manufactured in Malaysia by Frontx CPX Sdn Bhd, with the trademark "frontx". The product comes with an installation manual printed at the back of its packaging. It fits into most computers, whether it is of tower or desktop type, provided it has a spare 5.25" drive bay and one free "PCI" slot.

Installation is quite easy indeed. Refer to the installation illustration picture and follow these four simple steps :1) Open the computer chassis. Remove the 5.25" drive bay cover. Install the CPX Casing into the drive bay and let all the CPX Cables pass into the computer chassis. Screw tight the CPX Casing. 2) Choose a "free" PCI slot and remove the cover plate. Let all the CPX Cables pass through the PCI hole. Screw CPX Speaker Socket onto the CPX Metal Plate. 3) Screw the CPX Metal Plate onto the PCI hole. The Metal Plate should be positioned below the CPX Cables, to allow the Cables to pass through the narrow gap left over by the Metal Plate. 4) Plug all the CPX Connectors into the relevant computer ports & push the access CPX Cables back into the computer chassis. Plug your existing speakers into the CPX Speaker Socket. Close back your PC tower and the installation is completed.

After installing the CPX M Ports into your PC system, your first impression will be its tidiness as most of the peripherals can be kept away from the system.

The product will not degrade the appearance of your PC, as it comes with a flipping cover that looks like the drive bay cover. So, you don't see the ports when the cover is closed. Whenever you desire to connect your peripherals, just flip down the cover, and the front-loaded ports are easily accessed, just like the Hi-fi system.

You will be delighted with the many unique features offered by this simple device.
The earphone port is very handy. Your existing speakers can be permanently connected to the back of the PC, and plugging of earphone automatically "cuts" off the speakers.

With the gameport placed at the front, swapping of game control devices is made so easy, hence appropriate device (e.g. game pad or joystick) can be easily plugged to suit various games.

The front loaded Audio-In port is convenient for sound input & sound recording. You can now make your own MP3 song edition with ease. This port is seldom utilized by most users as it is hard to reach. But not anymore, the port is placed right in front of you.

Another good feature worth mentioning is the easy connection of headset, which normally comes with two jacks, i.e. earphone and microphone jacks, as the two ports are placed adjacent with each other. This is made possible, first time in PC history.

CPX M Ports offers flexibility in upgrading. The device currently takes up half of its 8 "port-holding" bays, which means you can add 4 more ports in the future should the needs arise.

CPX M Ports is perfect for home PC. The product solves the problem of "hard to reach" ports at the back of the PC. The problem is obvious especially at home, where the PC tower is commonly placed against the wall or under the table. Plugging and swapping of peripherals, or modification of connections is very frustrating.

Reduction of peripheral and cable mess is another good value of the product. Really, our PC system is getting "out of control". As the technology improves, more and more peripherals are added to suit our needs. These peripherals not only take up desktop space, but also add cable mess and tangles to your PC. So it is the right time we should consider keeping away some of these peripherals, and transform our PC into a truly friendly and simple machine without down sizing its performance.

The product is pending international patent. CPX M Ports can be purchased online at at US$25.90 per unit (delivery charge included for shipment to USA). Distribution & wholesale inquiry can be directed to or 604-8992962. More information can be found at the company's webpage.

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