EPoX CPU Converter Card

PPGA 370 to Slot 1 Is a Snap!

slot1_370conv.jpg (11301 bytes) Introduction
EPoX, well known by those of you that frequent this site, has produced a low cost, high quality Slot-1/Socket 370 converter card that gives you the freedom to use the new PPGA 370 Celeron CPUs on Slot-1 system boards.
Set Up & Features
The card comes in a protective plastic case that also doubles as a support for both the card and CPU. With it's heatsink and fan attached, the card is just a bit unwieldy so the extra support comes in handy. The plastic support case can also be easily removed if your system board already has adequate supports already installed. Just pop in your socket 370 processor and snap on it's heatsink/fan combo and then slide the whole card into the mainboard's slot, hook up the connector for the fan and you're off!

I had expected to find an ever so slight performance hit to be present while using the card as the processor is moved farther away from the system board, but, I am happy to report, that in benchmarking the cards capabilities, there seemed to be no difference in benchmark scores whatsoever. I first tested the card using both Slot-1 and PPGA 370 Celerons on EPoX' P2-133A Slot-1 mainboard (an outstanding board that we will review soon on this site!). The converter card's benchmarks in Ziff-Davis' Winstone 99 were virtually identical but the Winstone 98 scores favored the PPGA 370 Celerons by from 0.1 to 0.2 pts.

The EPoX Converter Card mounts easily into the Slot-1 machine

Finding that to be somewhat difficult to fathom, I set up Elitegroup's P6BXT-A+, Slot-1 and socket 370 are both available on this board so I could test the socket 370 Celerons in the socket designed for them as well as on the converter card. The scores reflected almost no difference whatsoever.

approved370.gif (8837 bytes) Conclusion
At a suggested price of around $10.00, this converter card lets you buy smart now. I you plan to upgrade to a Pentium II or III in the near future and want to take advantage of the lower prices PPGA Celerons until you're more flush, the card will let you invest in a high performance Slot-1 board now and move up to a more powerful processor when the prices come down some. We give EPoX a big thumb's Up for their excellent implementation of this new innovation in processor technology!!!
To check more innovative technology from EPoX, check out their web site at http://www.epox.com

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