AOpen's HX45 MidTower Case

No Nonsense For The Cost Conscience!

AOpen's HX45 ATX/BabyAT Mid-Tower Housing is a pretty sweet deal as long as you're not looking for lots of bells and whistles. Measuring out at 16.54"(D) x 7.87"(W) x 16.30"(H) its spacious interior can handle even the larger ATX mainboards with ease. It offers modest yet sufficient expansion capabilities with 3 - 5.25in and 3 - 3.5in drive bays with slots for up to 7 expansion cards. Equipped with AOpen's own FSP235-60GT ATX power supply (with noise killer) it is more than ready to handle all of the power needs of the average desktop user and then some.

hx45.gif (12757 bytes) The case came well packed with a single adequate (yet poorly printed) instruction sheet. It was nicely finished and a careful examination revealed no sharp edges or metal burrs. Removing the 1mm steel main housing is a simple matter accomplished by removing four screws at the back and sliding the housing back. The plastic front, although screwed down at the factory, incorporates plenty of large plastic clips that snugly hold it in place eliminating the need to replace the screws after you've finished setting the 2 led indicator lights and threading the wires for them and the power and reset switches.

There is a protective plastic cage which covers the case speaker and will firmly hold down your case fan (not included) without the necessity of screws.
This case comes with an abundant supply of steel, plastic and brass standoffs for mounting your motherboard and the mainboard panel is clearly marked to let you know where the standoffs go if you are using either an ATX or AT motherboard. There is also included a generous helping of sheet metal screws of varying sizes that should more than meet your needs. The screw-less expansion slot covers easily pop off with a flat head screw driver and snugly pop back on with a little bit of pressure.
The drive bays are perhaps the only drawback where this case is concerned. All front mounted they don't really provide what I consider to be adequate ventilation between the 3.5in bays. You have front exterior access to all three of the 5.25in bays and 2 of the 3.5in bays. If you have a normal floppy disk drive and 2 3.5in HDDs, as I do, it is a pretty tight squeeze both for the drives themselves as well as their ribbon cables as they sit only a millimeter or so above one another.
The case provides excellent ventilation with full length vents on both the left side and rear of the housing as well as a bottom fed vent to draw plenty of air for your case fan at the front.
The power supply is extremely stable, fluctuating no more than 0.02v in any half hour period tested. And the incorporated "Noise Killer" technology makes for a very quiet machine (depending of course of your case and heat-sink fans.

If you are on a budget and are looking to upgrade to an ATX case take a hard look at this one.  Here at The Super 7 Hardware Guide we can see that AOpen long recognized for quality and value in the field of computer electronics, has produced a fine product which meets or exceeds UL/CSA/CE/VDE/S/D/N/FI/FCC/DoC specifications and so we also proudly stamp it with our seal of approval.

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