Iwill Slocket PPGA-to-Slot 1 Converter
When is a Slocket not merely a Slocket? 

Iwill Corp., one of the worlds foremost SCSI mainboard manufacturers, had a few tricks up it's sleeve when designing and manufacturing the Iwill Slocket.  

Introducing The Iwill Slocket

Slockets, fairly new to market have presented users with the ability to use PPGA370 Celerons on Slot-1 mainboards.  Some users, with a little technical know-how have also used Slockets as a means to run two Celeron CPUs on mainboards designed to use dual Slot-1 Pentium II/PIIIs.  In the past this required soldering a wire jumper between the Slockets to enable SMP support.  Iwill has built this functionality into their Slocket and other features as well. Iwill's Slocket has support for overclocking built in.  Using an onboard set of jumpers, you can adjust the CPU core voltage to thirteen different settings from 1.8 to 2.7v. This is important if you have a motherboard that lacks jumpers or a BIOS that allow you to adjust core voltage settings settings.  While, for the most part, you'd be lucky to stable performance out of any but the Celeron 300A at 100MHz external CPU frequency, the Iwill Slocket also allows you to set, via jumpers, the front side bus at either 66 or 100MHz. And, with the ability to bump the core voltage up a bit, you may even get 112MHz FSB, a frequency that may not even be available to you if the BIOS recogizes the CPU as having a default 66MHz speed. I was able to push a 300A easily to 504MHz and got great stability by nudging the core voltage up to 2.05v

Well executed in design, the Iwill Slocket resides in its own cartridge for security within the Slot-1 mounting system.  Even if your mainboard lacks processor support brackets the Iwill Slocket's cartridge offers a snug fit over the slot for better support of the CPU.  The Slocket also offers a lot of space around the CPU socket so an oversize heatsink/fan combo can be used help your processor keep it's cool under all of the heat stress that all this overclockability can produce.

I'm sure you're wondering if the Celeron's performance will suffer. Good news!  Testing on the ECS P6BXT-A+, a mainboard that has both socket370 and Slot-1 capabilities, showed no discernable difference whatsoever in WInstone 99 and WInbench 99's CPUMark 99 and FPU Winmark tests.

Not only do we approve the Iwill Slocket, we just have to give it the highest recommendation we can bestow.  Iwill gets high marks for innovation and for listening to what users want

Check out more innovative ideas from Iwill by checking out their web site at http://www.iwill.net