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Manufacturer's Website: CLICK HERE!
Chipset: VIA MVP3 Chipset

Added Features:   (1) IrDA Compatible Infrared port (Optional) (2) USB Ports (Optional Cable Must Be Purchased) LM75/W8378D I/O Chipset (Optional

User Ratings:

Below is a list of how you, the users, rate this board: (higher is better!)

So Far 158 of you have given this board an Overall Rating Of: 86.84%
Ease of Installation Rating: 87.49
You rated the included documentation at: 83.53%
And rated your performance increase at 81.24%

The last few people to rate this board (that also left comments) had this to say:

DeLong said: Please advise.. I have AMD K6 2 333MHZ I want to change to AMD K6 2 550 MHZ Will this work OK???? Best Regards, DeLong

Heather Akers said: I have found that this is the most persnykity motherboard I have ever used. I have alot of trouble with my IDE controllers they like to flip out forget what the proper drivers are and then run in ms-dos 16bit real mode

Joe said: It's very stable, and it's not very hard to configure, but it has it's flaws. The IDE connectors are not positioned very well, and I've actually had qiute a few problems with the IDE; mainly, lockups when transferring data from a cd-rom to the hard disk.

Jack said: Recommended. Stable. Easy to set up. Jumper caps hard to remove. Not much space near the AT power connector. No documented bus speed over 100. Easy to configure. Stable. Easily overclocked from 350 to 400. Scsi card worked well. Advanced power m

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    Comments:  (html ok!)

    On 24-Nov-00, Mike Walsh left the following
    Comment: Running K6-2 500, 192Mb RAM, ATI Xpert128. Only complaint is the tight spacing for cabling.

    On 25-Oct-00, Bryan C Richardson left the following
    Comment: Using Viking III with PC 100 a Pentium 200 MMX overclocked to 262.7 MHz 3.5 x 75 Mhz with core voltage of 2.9. I have done 3 x 83Mhz with a speed of 250 MHz stable. No problems with this I can't over clock to 100 Mhz I want 300 Mhz oh well . It is not as friendly as a jumperless bios. It is a Ok board for the money. This board is currently a file server. It works well with a Adpatec 2940UW. I have had problems with installing Windows 2000 and Win 98. No problem with NT 4.0 however. Had alot of problems with the Video with Win98 has to do with the VIA chipset.

    On 26-Jul-00, Joe left the following
    Comment: I've had this board for a year or so. I'm running a K62-450 128mb PC100sdram and a savage 4. The card is stable enough, but really lacks in AGP bandwidth. Even with the turbo drivers on it has about 1/4 the bandwith it should for an agp 2x. At first I thought it was my video card, but my games didn't improve a single fps when I put a Voodoo 5 5500 or a Geforce2 in it. If anyone else is having problems like this and actually has a solution, feel free to drop me a line.

    On 12-May-00, Philip left the following
    Comment: My bad! the peltier didnt kill the board. i crushed some of this pins in on some chip next to the socket.. but I managed to fix it, kickass

    On 12-May-00, Philip left the following
    Comment: I got this board and I was using it for about a year. It was an OK board. But my k6-2 400 was getting a little slow, so I managed to overclock it to 475MHz Stable! The temperature got to about 180 degrees farenhight, so I bought and Alpha Heatsink/ fan for it. That worked great! No lockups/ freezups ever! I did have to bump the voltage to 2.8 volts tho...but it dont matter. And just for the heck of it I bought a 72 Watt Peltier Cooler from Melcor and wow it got the chip down to freezing Temperature! Just the other day, I killed the board...lol...with the peltier.... so make sure what your doing if you use one of these things!

    On 21-Apr-00, Justin left the following
    Comment: I'm running a K6-2-450, 256 megs ram, win98, ATI Rage Fury 128 32mb and NEVER have had a problem with the motherboard! This motherboard is by far the best and most stable I've seen. Very impressive preformance

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