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Manufacturer's Website: CLICK HERE!
Chipset: VIA MVP3 100MHz memory & AGP controller (VT82C598AT)VIA VT82C686 Super I/O Controller

Added Features:   3-pin Wake-on-LAN Header - 3-pin Wake-on-Ring
Two 3-pin Fan speed monitoring support

User Ratings:

Below is a list of how you, the users, rate this board: (higher is better!)

So Far 79 of you have given this board an Overall Rating Of: 87.66%
Ease of Installation Rating: 90.59
You rated the included documentation at: 88.42%
And rated your performance increase at 84.13%

The last few people to rate this board (that also left comments) had this to say:

Bruce said: Very good board. Stable, not many crashes. 64mb generic ram, ati graphics, diamond sound. udma 66 Western Digital HD. The machine runs faster than some Celeron 500's my friends have. The 1 mb L2 cache really gives a boost in performance. This board outdoe

Bruce Watson said: Have run for a yr. now and have had no problems, Great Board!!!!

HONKER24 said: I have had problems overclocking my K6-3 450 but I suppose it is my chips fault and not the fault of the motherboard itself. When I try to clock it to 500mhz either my windows files go corrupt or my bios won't boot paast the first POST screen. I had to un

Jim Theisen said: Outstanding board over all. The CPU and FAN limit the use of drive bay 1. A normal CD-ROM will fit, but a Re-writter will not. Besides that I love this board! Easy overclock, awesome bios, very stable

This Mainboard has received the following scores on our Graphics Card Survey!

Graphics ChipRatingSubmissions
nVidia GeForce2566.01

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  • Users experienced in overclocking have left the following comments:
    Alec has pushed a CPU with a default speed of 400MHz up to 450MHz!
    Stability: 8
    Remarks: runs fairly well with the voltage up .1 volt, will try higher when i get proper cooling system. tends to get a bit unstable closer to 48c, tho i havent tested it much, it will probably work better in winter as the air temp is around 25c
    David D has pushed a CPU with a default speed of 400MHz up to 500MHz!
    Stability: 10
    Remarks: Works great, fsb at 100mhz clock at 5.0 voltage at 2.7. I wouold like the temp. to be a little lower.

    User Comments:

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    Comments:  (html ok!)

    On 10-Nov-00, Guido Roncaglia left the following
    Comment: It is ok for AMD K6 2+ 550 MHz, or AMD K6 3+ 500 (CPU core Voltage problem?, Bios rev.?) Thank you in advance Bye Guido

    On 20-Oct-00, Jim left the following
    Comment: I found out the hard way thru resreach that when installing WINDOWSME me make sure you go into the BIOS and shut off the two [2] megs of cache or it will not install properly all kinds errors.also I have a AMDK6-2 475mhz I had it set at 5x for the install i set it for4.5x after i did the above the WINDOWSME install went fine I then went in and reset the BIOS back to 2mgs cache and set the CPU back to 5xs aaaaand my computer works great I built from the bottom up and so far for 2 weeks WINDOWSME is the most stable operating system i've ever used by far the fastest boot time of all f them no freezes no crashes I'm keeping my fingers crossed hope this info helps some of you guys and gals. shooter44

    On 03-Oct-00, Eric W left the following
    Comment: I also have a the S1598-C2, with a K6-III 400mhz. I used to have 128 MB of RAM, and even then it was easily faster than the P3 Coppermine Dell with 128 MB of RAM that was forced upon me at work. Now with 256 MB of RAM, Win2k, and IIS 5 running in the background, I can still play Q3 and UT smooth as silk with my Voodoo3 3000 PCI. And at the prices I paid for the components, I laugh in the face of anyone who buys a mass produced, overpriced POS from Best Buy, or direct vendor like Dell or Gateway.

    On 01-Sep-00, Casolai left the following
    Comment: I've had my S1598-C2 (2meg cache) board for almost a year now, and it has performed fantastic, VERY fast, and totally stable. I'm using a K6-3 450mhz, 256megs PC100 Cas2/Ras2 Corsair SDRAM, GeForce2 GTS video card, Promise IDE RAID controller, and X-24 double voodoo2 card, all work perfectly. The only problem I ever had is that several software utilities report the temp sensors wrong, saying they are very high, when they are not. Sandra Millinium does that pretty bad. I called Tyan, and they said to go by the temp report in the BIOS, and ignore whatever the software might be saying. Overall, I highly recommend this board to anybody that wants a max power K6-2/3 system. Complete specs for my system are on my web page: http://www.angelfire.com/hi/casolai/index.html

    On 01-Aug-00, Richard C. Basaldua left the following
    Comment: I have a k6II-400 on this motherboard and would like to overclock to 500MHZ. Are there any suggestions out there?

    On 29-Jul-00, Anish P left the following
    Comment: Worst motherboard ever, can't handle a voodoo 3, or a AMD K6/2 550 with a mega heatsink, and system temp is always around 90 C.Buy the Epox board instead

    On 07-Jun-00, MARSHALL J NORTH left the following
    Comment: Had the Tyan1589 over a year. I rate it a 10 with the V3-3000. Overclocks too 500/2.5v, OK (K6-3-450). Impressed with stability w/4 Ide devices. Board does not work well with ATI V. cards. (New subject)... Slow to INIT(boot-up)... don't understand why. Does anyone know? 196 Ram. Impressed with th "tri level cache.

    On 17-Apr-00, PsychoKiller left the following
    Comment: Have been using as a SOHO server for about three months. Satisfied with the stable performance. (K6-3 and 196MB PC100) Too many jumpers though as I recall. Not into overclocking but no extended FSB frequencies!

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