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Manufacturer's Website: CLICK HERE!
Chipset: TX AGPpro

Added Features:   Provides both AT/ATX power connector, and supports ACPI and Legacy PMU, and the Ultra DMA/33, fully compliant to PC97 & PC98

User Ratings:

Below is a list of how you, the users, rate this board: (higher is better!)

So Far 159 of you have given this board an Overall Rating Of: 82.45%
Ease of Installation Rating: 88.08
You rated the included documentation at: 78.4%
And rated your performance increase at 75.78%

The last few people to rate this board (that also left comments) had this to say:

compulady said: I haven't had a problem with it in the two years I've been using it!

D.Lawes said: cant get the board to run at 550mhz,max avalable is 525mhz with the ram at 95mhz.ARRRGGGG

sven de vlieger said: is not compatible with s3 videocards??

Juergen said: Running a genuine, no O/C K6-2 550. Swapped from a k6-2 350. The latest BIOS doesn't recognize the cpu correctly. Say's it's a K6-2 531 running at startup.Actually, cpuidle, winbench etc all recognize a 550.FSB 100,5.5 multipl. Set core voltage to 2.3V (u

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Users experienced in overclocking have left the following comments:
Rafael Jiménez Castillo has pushed a CPU with a default speed of 400MHz up to 450MHz!
Stability: 10
Remarks: my motherboard dont have monitoring devices.
PuTra` has pushed a CPU with a default speed of 300MHz up to 333MHz!
Stability: 10
Remarks: use 3,1 V core, without rain very hot, next step 350Mhz with cooling...
Ricardo Rothfeld has pushed a CPU with a default speed of 400MHz up to 500MHz!
Stability: 10
Remarks: Rocky stable system, running Win98, perform better than PIII-450 of my Dad.

User Comments:

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Comments:  (html ok!)

On 04-Dec-00, Boxy left the following
Comment: ide controller for win2k is non existant, cant get DMA to work :(

On 03-Nov-00, D.Lawes left the following
Comment: I have used this md with a K6-350 and run it at 400 fine.I reacently got a new K6-550,I now hve the problem of having to run at 500hmz with multiplyer at 5.0 or 525mhz with the ram at 95mhz.If I try it at its proper 550 the blue screen of death pops up.Hmmmmm .PS: Oscar Anibal Benitez. I hope you find something soon,good luck.

On 23-Oct-00, Oscar Anibal Benitez - ARGENTINA left the following
Comment: My experience with this mb: 577 was really satisfactory. However, in spite of the very good results I obtained from it, I consider reasonable a lot that PC Chips keep us (customers) with updated drivers for all the mboard models they manufactured. I will tell you in the future whether I could or not update the BIOS of my mboard to recognize my AMD K6 550.

On 06-Oct-00, Andreas left the following
Comment: Look at PCChips' description of level-2 caches, have you have ever seen anything like it: http://www.pcchips.com.tw/L2.html

On 16-Sep-00, labrat left the following
Comment: Great board for the price. Runs K6-2/400@500 solid n stable. Easy to configure, lets you use PC1?? (u know the stuff - rated but won't run there..) without a hitch. Support sukz. Glad I bought it. (them)

On 26-Aug-00, Rob Redhead left the following
Comment: Cannot complain the performance & stability are great especially in view of the low price I paid for the board I even got the USB form card thrown in. The onboard audio isn't that good, but at the price who cares.. it is easily disabled; a SB Live Value sits in mine, DVD playback from a Toshiba 6x drive via Hollywood+ card is just fine. I overclocked to 500 Mhz ok but reset to standard to ensure longevity.. the board is going to my eldest sons system after all, so I didn't want to fry it. Current graphics, soon to be replaced is a 16Mb Banshee it performs quite well most current games being playable, but I will need to upgrade soon so Socket A + Athlon Thunderbird & Geforce beckons.

On 26-Aug-00, Rob Redhead left the following
Comment: Cannot complain the performance & stability are great especially in view of the low price I paid for the board

On 18-Aug-00, Tim Hanson left the following
Comment: M577 board and ATI All in Wonder 128; mainboard not a good candidate for any high end cards (Display ATI All in Wonder 128). Tried for a month to make it work with this board. Documentation is pretty bad. In fact, nowhere in the manual does the M577 name appear. Support site in Tawian pretty bad. Very slow and sometimes not available. Use the Netherlands site (mentioned earlier)if possible. Not all software on it. Did download BIOS upgrade and although it fixed some minor problems (showed 500 mhz processor correctly) things really went downhill when trying to re-install WIN98. Went to ground zero for hard disk (FDISK and Format). Finally decided I didn't have the time to keep playing a loosing game and acquired a ASUS P5A-B. I will rate that board also (what a difference - night and day). M577 board is probably ok for generic system (no high end stuff)and people with lots of time on there hands.

On 11-Aug-00, FERNANDO VALLADARES left the following

On 02-Aug-00, Bryan left the following
Comment: PCChips are still in business (in regaurds to the first posting) For a faster site with very good info visit www.pcchips.nl With the newest release the mb will support K6-2/3 up to 550mhz.

On 03-Jul-00, Francisco Coronel left the following
Comment: I have this mainboard (PCCHIPS M577) with an AMD K6-2/350 Mhz and it works fine. I bought a new CPU (AMD K6-2/533) and it has been impossible to make the computer recognize the right speed of it (no matter what jumper combination I make, the computer always shows the CPU speed at 400 Mhz or 522 Mhz, and works with too any problems). I wonder if somebody can inform me the right jumper combination I have to use or where I can find that information on the web. Tanks.

On 04-Jun-00, Dave Hodgetts left the following
Comment: This is my third Super7 board and I like it. My 577 can run up to 550Mhz and I managed to overclock a K6/2-475 to 550 (core 2.7v) without problems. I havn't had any DMA problems, I run a Toshiba DVD drive using the AGP-PRO DMA drivers that came on the CD. Using PowerDVD and my "Diamond Fire GL 1000Pro" I get great DVD play back. WINTUNE 98 shows this system is just short of a PIII-500. The only short coming of this board is the on-board sound (it's crap) a C-media 8330 provides acceptable but not Hi-Fi sound. A nice feature is the digital Audio input which makes MP3 conversion quick, easy and loss less.

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