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Chipset: VIA KX133

Added Features:   Soft Power Off & Keyboard Power On supported, Wake-up on Modem, LAN, Keyboard, Mouse & RTC Timer, Jumperless configuration, Supports AC Power Loss Recovery

User Ratings:

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So Far 11 of you have given this board an Overall Rating Of: 88.18%
Ease of Installation Rating: 93.45
You rated the included documentation at: 97.18%
And rated your performance increase at 93.27%

The last few people to rate this board (that also left comments) had this to say:

Co|a-B3aR said: I have purchased this board and using it with my athlon 850mhz. Managed to clock it up to 915Mhz using a setting of FSB 107 and Vcore is set to auto. It runs stably at 915. What an excellent board ASUS has produced. Thanx ASUS. =)

Dale S. said: Overall, a great board. Setup was straight foreward, good documentation. Running stable @978, FSB=103, mem@137. Cons: 3rd mem. slot can't be used - cooler overhangs it. Soft setup - forget it, use the switches.

Solosmooth said: Overall Great Motherboard.. The Asus K7V is worth the price of admission!! Everything was a snap for me.. Very good manual and very stable and reliable motherboard. The Board comes in handy if you're looking to overclock your processor up a notch.. I man

Anonymous said: This board, despite it's absolutely wonderful appearance and feature load, is a nightmare. It required Bios 1006 just to operate without locking up!! Windows 2000 still doesn't work properly and you NEED the beta viaagp.sys driver for it to work - or el

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Graphics ChipRatingSubmissions
nVidia GeForce256 DDR6.673

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  • Users experienced in overclocking have left the following comments:
    Robert has pushed a CPU with a default speed of 700MHz up to 736MHz!
    Stability: 1
    Remarks: I purchased the Goldfinger Rev 2.0 from Northwind but haven't have any luck whatsoever in its use. I've managed to underclock my Athlon 700MHz CPU down to 600MHz using the card. But the minute I try overclocking the thing even to 750MHz an alarm goes off on my case speaker and my system doesn't even boot up. I fixed the warning sound by adjusting the vcore setting in softmenu on my Asus K7V motherboard but the system still doesn't boot. The minute I remove the card and power up everything runs normally and my processor is at 700MHz again. Right now I've managed to get 736MHz by running the board speed to 105MHz from 100MHz, but that's just small crackers. I want to get up there to 900MHz-1GHz. Could you give me some tips that helped you in your overclocking journey? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

    User Comments:

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    Comments:  (html ok!)

    On 11-Nov-00, praveen agrawal left the following
    Comment: hello dr. Chip; I have an athlon based system with k7v motherboard,bought in june2000.Earlier it was just working fine but now it has developed booting problem. when i give the command of restart to win98 it hangs and does not reboot. I tried the option of slow shutdown through msconf but then when i go for shutdown command it doesn't automatically off the system(it has atx cabinet). The award bios has the option of soft off or that of after 4 second.the soft mode doesn't at all work. When i reboot the system through the button on the panel of cpu box it hangs and the bios says that i had set the system for too high fsb(but i didn't) I have tried reinstalling win98 and updating my bios with the latest one,but it did not work. Please help me.. Totally dependent on u for the solution,waiting 4 the reply;with hope. see u soon in the mail box with love: praveen

    On 03-Nov-00, Nicholas A. Nelson left the following
    Comment: I purchased the K7V before I knew anything about the change from slot A back to a socket. I waited for the price of the Slot A athlons to drop and picked up a 900mhz for $295.00 (they have dropped considerably more since then) I have had zero problems with the system. Everything went as it should. Not one problem. I have built many systems but few if any were as easy as this one was. If you already own a slot A cpu I would not hesitate using this board. I used corsair 128 x 133 memory, Asus V6800 video card, Netgear ethernet card, Creative labs Encore DVD drive and the Ricoh 3in1 drive. 3com V90pro modem, Soundblaster Live Platinum. I have not tried overclocking and do not see a need to at this point. I am sure I could. I used a monster of a Dual fan cooler on the CPU which overhangs my 3rd memory slot but it sure keeps it running cool.

    On 31-Oct-00, Christopher Menge left the following
    Comment: This comment is on the A7V Socket A board. If you are considering an Athlon ------>THIS IS THE BOARD TO GET<------ The A7V ROCKS!!! I set up a 1Ghz T-Bird, 3D Prophet 2 32 MB DDR Video card, 256 MB RAM, SB Live! 5.1, 40 GB Maxtor 7200 ATA66 (2)20 GB Maxtor 7200 ATA100 (about to be run in RAID 0 when Microshaft fixes the ATA100 bugs), 450 Watt PS. Setup was absolutely brainless and painless! Run AT LEAST a 300 Watt PS 400+ is RECOMMENDED. This is a dream machine and a half!

    On 05-Jul-00, Solosmooth left the following
    Comment: I managed to get my Athlon 700 mhz with the Asus K7V up to 784mhz with out the use of those gold finger cards. I can't seem to get higher than that.. I changed the front side bus up to 112.. Changed the cpu vcore to 175..My board is in jumperfree mode.. I can't seem to get any higher cause my system won't even boot...

    On 06-May-00, James left the following
    Comment: Is The Best

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