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Chipset: AMD 750

Added Features:   Winbond® W83782D Hardware Monitoring Chip to Monitor CPU/System Voltages/Temperatures and Detect Fan Status, Bundled ASUS PC Probe Utilities to Provide Best Manageability

User Ratings:

Below is a list of how you, the users, rate this board: (higher is better!)

So Far 19 of you have given this board an Overall Rating Of: 92.21%
Ease of Installation Rating: 88.05
You rated the included documentation at: 87.89%
And rated your performance increase at 93.95%

The last few people to rate this board (that also left comments) had this to say:

Thomas Philipp said: Nice board... but not easy to get it to run safely at the beginning... There was a lot to do and change... Basically, my hardware configuration was too much for the board... but now it works... ;) very steady!!

Harry J. Kronenberg said: Great mobo, only the soundquality could be better (I use sound on board) Have had a Slot-A Athlon 500MHz, since 11-11-2000 a Slot-A 900MHz Athlon Thunderbird CPU. Is not complete stable yet, still looking for the best settings. However the board is aws

ask said: kick ass

Tobias Mathes said: It's a nice MB but the main problem is that the UDMA-66 Controller is fucking shit. Much Software 'll crash. AIII!! Kernel Panic ... isn't good.

This Mainboard has received the following scores on our Graphics Card Survey!

Graphics ChipRatingSubmissions
Ati Rage Fury MAXX10.01
nVidia GeForce2569.01

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  • Users experienced in overclocking have left the following comments:
    Greg Coursen has pushed a CPU with a default speed of 550MHz up to 700MHz!
    Stability: 10
    Remarks: Using Ninja Micros FreeSpeed Pro this setup just hums. Cool as a cucumber even running at 1.75 vcore!

    User Comments:

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    Comments:  (html ok!)

    On 09-Jun-00, Kurt Borland left the following
    Comment: Just built this system - My first attempt, and man is it fast. I'm not much for games but I do a lot of image editing and this system -K7M, Athlon 800 and 128MB so PC133 far surpasses my old P233MMX system. My god the programs load almost instantly compared to the old system I had. I still have more programs to load before I try any tweaks but so far I am really, really happy!!!!

    On 08-May-00, Matti Kannisto left the following
    Comment: Revision 1.04, SuperBypass enabled. Athlon 550MHz o/c 850MHz, stable with 1,85V. 128 PC100, Asus V3400TNT. Stable and incredibly fast!

    On 22-Apr-00, Greg Coursen left the following
    Comment: I think it is a great board. Have been using over three months and no problems to report. 256 PC100, K7 550MHz oc'd to 700MHz, Viper770 Ultra. Fast and stable!

    On 21-Apr-00, marcel left the following
    Comment: awsome board for everyone. Easy to setup, sufficient expansion room.

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