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Chipset: VIA Apollo MVP3 (100 MHz) PCIset w/AGP Solution

Added Features:   Supports ESDJ (Easy Setting Dual Jumper) for CPU clock selection. CPU setting by Multiplier x Bus Clock. Supports External Modem Ring-in Power ON Function. Supports Hardware Monitoring Function by Winbond W83781D

User Ratings:

Below is a list of how you, the users, rate this board: (higher is better!)

So Far 143 of you have given this board an Overall Rating Of: 88.62%
Ease of Installation Rating: 88.07
You rated the included documentation at: 79.9%
And rated your performance increase at 81.29%

The last few people to rate this board (that also left comments) had this to say:

Roger McDermott said:

Being sold *here* for only ten bucks!

Roger McDermott said: Great board; very stable; UDMA 66 works without a hitch with the new BIOS. Got rid of mine only because my boss bought me a new computer. A copy is currently being sold here fo

Bob said: The board has been very stable. Despite using cheap no-name memory, I have had no problems running FSB@100mhz. Have not really bothered about overclocking. The only problem I have had was with the Matrox MilleniumII video card, this operated flawlessly i

John said: Overall this board has been very stable. I have not attempted to overclock the cpu. I have used a S3 Trio 3D/Helios Voodoo 2 graphics combo in this board, but currently have a Creative TNT2 32MB card for graphics.

This Mainboard has received the following scores on our Graphics Card Survey!

Graphics ChipRatingSubmissions
3Dfx Voodoo Rush5.01

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  • Users experienced in overclocking have left the following comments:
    David has pushed a CPU with a default speed of 300MHz up to 350MHz!
    Stability: 10
    Remarks: 3.5 * 100mhz - No other FSB settings very stable at this setting.

    User Comments:

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    Comments:  (html ok!)

    On 19-Nov-00, Konrad left the following
    Comment: Can I use the k6-2+ /500 on this board? What is to do?

    On 19-Nov-00, Konrad left the following
    Comment: Can I use the k6-2+ /500 on this board? What is to do?

    On 17-Jul-00, C Ababon left the following
    Comment: I got this board to replace my old Asus sp97 mobo. Its running very stable on a k6-2-400@448 (4x112) using apacer and Leadtek s3virge/Voodoo2 combo.

    On 25-Jun-00, S. Buckheiser left the following
    Comment: I noticed the two comments on this MB so far are a bit mixed up as they are for the C2 MB and not the C-M. I set this MB up a couple of years back for a granddaughter and had no problems with it. I have since upgraded her computer and now use EP-58MVP3C-M in a spare computer. I have yet to install a 3D processor on it and expect I will have to flash the BIOS when I do. Has anyone used the K6-2-3D on this MB? Overall excellent board but getting outdated.

    On 24-Jun-00, Jim Spellman left the following
    Comment: Greetings-- I recently learned about your site, and like what I've seen so far. I'm looking forward to seeing followup reviews on motherboards that will support AMD's Duron/Thunderbird CPUs. I've stumbled across a unique situation that I'd appreciate any of who may read this could look into. I recently purchased a highly rated EPoX Int'l EP-MVP3C2 (AT form factor) motherboard -- based in part on this web site's reviews -- to upgrade an existing system. I was looking to also purchase the EP-MVP3G5 (ATX) for another system, but I'm holding off until I see more Duron-supported boards hit the market (based on initial reviews of the new CPU). In looking for a CPU for this motherboard, I've priced AMD's K6-2/550 for about $72 at a recent computer show (not bad, considering I paid $75 for a regular K6/200 two years ago). However, TigerDirect is offering a K6-III/350 3DX (2.1v-2.3v) CPU for $39.99. The problem is -- AMD's Tech Support states the K6-III/350 was manufactured for a specific customer and is not a regular production product; there is no warranty or support for the product, nor documentation to support it or recommended motherboards, since the K6-III is an "end of life product" (as you may know, the K6-III line has been discontinued due to its overlap with the Athlon line, plus it was expensive to produce with the additional L2 cache) Ironically, the K6-2 line is still being manufactured, with improvements still being made to the product. According to EPoX Tech Support, they were not aware AMD's K6-III/350 existed; They say their board will only support a K6-III in the 400-450Mhz range (as well as K6-2's up to 550Mhz). HOWEVER, according to their owners manual under the K6/K6-2/K6-III column, they show jumper and voltage settings for a 350Mhz CPU that the board apparently *will* support. My Question to you on this Forum is this: does anyone have personal experience with this particular CPU and would recommend its usage, or should I stick with a K6-2 in the 400-550Mhz range? I don't want to make a $40 mistake by getting the wrong CPU -- but at that price with the additional L2 cache, it's very tempting -- and half the price of a K6-2/550. Thank you, in advance, for your time and consideration in this matter. ~JS~

    On 16-Apr-00, PRONG left the following
    Comment: I have been using this board for a few months now and it seems to run ok.Im using a k6-2 500mhz cpu that I run @ 4.5x112mhz @ 2.2v to get a stable and fast 504.I haven't really seen all that great AGP performancefrom this board tho :^(

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