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BE6 Pentium®III AGP Based ATX Mainboard Supporting Ultra DMA66 IDE Protocol & With CPU SOFTMENUTMII Technology
ABIT introduces their latest BX chipset, ATX based SLOT-1 motherboard, supporting the Ultra DMA/66 IDE Protocol and SoftMENUTM II technology, the BE6 with all the great features of the BH6 and including UDMA/66.
Hardware monitoring - Including fan speed, voltages, System environment temperature,and one Thermal header for CPU or other temperature monitoring

Manufacturer's Website: http://www.abit.com.tw/english/product/index.htm
Chipset: Intel®440BX AGPset (82443BX and 82371EB)

Added Features:   Hardware monitoring - Includes fan speed, voltages, CPU and system environment temperature,and one thermal header for other temperature monitoting - . Two channels of bus Master IDE Ports supporting up to four Ultra DMA 33/66 devices

User Ratings:

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So Far 10 of you have given this board an Overall Rating Of: 95.5%
Ease of Installation Rating: 93.3
You rated the included documentation at: 91.5%
And rated your performance increase at 88.0%

The last few people to rate this board (that also left comments) had this to say:

James R. Sassman said: This was my first homebuilt. It has been extremely reliable. This board got a bad reputation after first being introduced. Why? Inexperienced builders? Unfamiliarity with requirements for UDMA/66 setup? I don't know. But none of those issues were a

Chris Collins said: What lets the motherboard down is the very unreliable highpoint controller.

KevBo said: ultra ATA66 is a little trouble but after updating the bios and the ATA66 drivers Maxtor 20gig works like a charm.

Keith Nowicki  said: BE6 II This board rockswith the 1mhz settings you can tweak your cpu and with ATA66 helps out and with a ASUS GForce it's a kicking system.

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Graphics ChipRatingSubmissions
nVidia GeForce25610.01

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  • Users experienced in overclocking have left the following comments:
    pershing has pushed a CPU with a default speed of 400MHz up to 500MHz!
    Stability: 10
    Remarks: 83MHZ
    The Stickman has pushed a CPU with a default speed of 333MHz up to 560MHz!
    Stability: 10
    Remarks: My motherboard is a matsonic 7192S and its set at default voltage of 2.05...runs like a dream!

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