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Chipset: AMD 750

Added Features:   Support H/W monitor function, Wake-On-Ring & Alarm, KB/Mouse wake up, Optional USB Hub, Free 1 year ISP service

User Ratings:

Below is a list of how you, the users, rate this board: (higher is better!)

So Far 5 of you have given this board an Overall Rating Of: 86.4%
Ease of Installation Rating: 89.0
You rated the included documentation at: 88.0%
And rated your performance increase at 87.8%

The last few people to rate this board (that also left comments) had this to say:

Brian Weber said: this board is too picky for me, so far i've upgraded nearly all of my components and the thing still doesn't boot properly!

Levi Spears said: Board is a bit big (like the FIC SD11), but layout is good, with plenty of room for cabling and peripheral cards. Solid so far.

Shane Davenport said: This board never gave me a single problem from day one. I have used the FIC SD-11 board and can say without a doubt that Shuttle makes a better board.

Pete Devilbliss said: Easy to setup. Rock steady performance and Free Internet service (Real Free ISP!!! No Ads) And came for less than $120 USD shipped. I'm stoked!

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Graphics ChipRatingSubmissions
Ati Rage Fury MAXX9.01

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    Comments:  (html ok!)

    On 27-May-00, bill g. left the following
    Comment: I am really considering buying this board but can't decide between the AI61 and the FIC SD11. Comments anyone???

    On 18-Apr-00, Thomas K. left the following
    Comment: This is a great mainboard! No ISA slots to fiddle with and Free ISP is real. Now I want a 1Ghz Athlon! I just dont have the $$$!

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