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Iwill VD133 Specifications:

Supports Intel SECC Celeron, PII & PIII processor up to 600MHz+  and PPGA Celeron processor with Slocket adapter


  • VIA Apollo Pro 133 AGPset

  • Winbond W83977EF I/O Set

  • Winbond W83781D Hardware Monitor Controller 

Bus Frequency 

  • Supports 66/75/83/100/103/105/110/112/115/120/124/133/140 to 150 MHz System Bus Clock Selection

  • Selectable CPU Multiplier Setting from 3x to 8x with 0.5 increment

  • Supports "Bye-Bye Jumper"; Iwill Smart Setting.

  • Adjustable Vcore (+5%, +10%) & VIO (3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V) 

System Memory

  • Supports 3 x 168 pin 3.3V unbuffered SDRAM

  • Supports PC-133 SDRAM from 8MB up to 1.25GB

  • Supports ECC SDRAM Module

  • Supports VCM (Virtual Channel Memory) SDRAM

  • Supports SPD SDRAM Module 

On Board IDE 

  • Two Dual Channel  UltraATA 33/66 IDE Interfaces

  • Supports ATAPI IDE CD-ROM, ZIP-100 & LS-120 

I/O Interface 

  • 1 x Floppy port

  • 1 x PS/2 Keyboard

  • 1 x PS/2 Mouse

  • 1 x Parallel Port

  • 2 x Serial ports


  • 1 x AGP Slot, Supports AGP 2X Mode

  • 5 x PCI Bus Master Slot, 33MHz PCI 2.1 compliant

  • 2 x ISA Slot, 16 bit ISA bus


  • 2-Mbit Flash ROM with Write Protection

  • Y2K Ready Award BIOS with Green Plug & Play

  • ACPI for PC 98/Win 98 compliant

  • IDE, LS120, ZIP, and CD-ROM Bootable

  • "Bye-Bye Jumper" IWILL Smart Setting for CPU Frequency Setting in BIOS 


  • ATX Specification

  • Keyboard Power On

  • Wake On LAN (WOL)

  • Wake On Modem (WOM)

  • Power Failure Recovery (AC power resume)

  • RTC Alarm

  • CPU Fan Off in suspend mode

  • System Overheat Buzzer

  • Windows 98/95 power off

  • Suspend to Disk (STD)

Board Size 

  • ATX Form Factor, 188mm x 305mm, 4 layers 


The Iwill VD133 ships with a well developed User's Manual, one each floppy and IDE cables (80-wire 40-pin UltraATA/66 compliant) and a drivers/utilities "Power Installer" CD ( containing VIA's 4-in-1 Service Pack, Anti-Virus, Hardware Monitoring and Suspend to Disk software) that is designed to help you get the system board up and running with a minimum of fuss. This bootable Power Installer CD also allows you to boot up your system, even when the OS has not been installed. During the boot-up process, you can avail yourself of the "IWILL Diskette Creator," which will automatically make driver diskettes for you.

Setup and Performance


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