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While the XA100 is optimized for processors running at 100MHz external clock speeds, the MII can enjoy a performance boost as well.  By reducing the number of clock cycles and increasing the front side speed you can enjoy exceptional performance from this low cost solution.  The FSB speeds recorded here were all attained at a core voltage setting at the default 2.9v.  Just remember to keep the processors temperature down and it runs like a top.

ChartObject Cyrix MII 300 
Business Winstone 98

While the MII is not the first choice for game play (being optimized for business applications) and even falls somewhat short with help from the VoodooČ card on most system boards, the higher bus frequencies available for the XA100 Plus user make the most of the processors abilities.  The D3D capabilities of the new VoodooČ drivers with the processor running at 100MHz and up make computer gaming highly enjoyable and playable

Would you believe over 30 FPS out of any Cyrix processor?  Well, with the XA100 Plus it is now a reality...

ChartObject Quake II Demo 1 
Cyrix MII 300

Sure, the Crusher demo radically drops the frame rate but again, who'd have ever thought this level of performance was attainable with a Cyrix processor on board...

ChartObject Quake II Crusher Demo 
Cyrix MII 300

Once again, notice the scalability in the higher FSB.  The SIN demo pushes hard but the MII almost seems to push back...

Intel's P200MMX & the Iwill XA100 Plus


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