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Am I Gonna Have Problems With It?

Perhaps the greatest concern for anyone purchasing a new super7 mainboard is whether or not your existing or upgrade hardware is going to function properly.  While we don't have the budget required to test across a wide variety of components, this was one mainboard we felt it was important to plug as much as possible into, to see if there were any incompatibilities.

I am extremely happy to report that everything we tried worked without a hiccup. While super7 mainboards have had, for the most part, troubles with graphics cards, this is sure not to be a problem with the graphics controller onboard.  The same goes for the onboard sound chip, although we did disable the onboard sound and popped in a few popular sound cards just to be sure.  In order to pass our compatibility test, the system had to correctly identify the component if it was plug n play, and then load its drivers without causing visible conflicts in either Windows 98's System Information utility or the Device Manager.  Then the functionality of the component was confirmed by actually using it for the purpose it was ascribed.

Devices Information
Item Manufacturer Model Pass/Fail/Notes
K6-2 300,350,400,450MHz
K6-III 400MHz
IDT WInChip2A 300 Undocumented core voltage settings / Pass
Intel P55C 200/233 MMX Pass
Cyrix MII 300, 333 Pass
Rise mP6 PR266 Pass
RAM - PC100 LGS GM72V661641CT7J (64MB) Pass
NEC D4564841G5-A10B9JF
(64 & 128MB)
SEC Korea KM48S803BT-GL (64MB) Pass
3D Video Cards AOpen PA2010 Voodoo2 12MB Pass
Diamond Monster 3D II 8MB Pass
Sound Cards Creative Sound Blaster Live Value
AWE 64 CT4380
Sound Blaster Vibra 16
Diamond Sonic Impact S70 Pass
LAN Card UMC NE-2000 Pass
D-Link DE 220PnP Pass
RTL 8139 Pass
SCSI Card Adaptec AHA-2940 U2W Pass
HDD Seagate ST34501W (SCSI)
ST34321A (IDE)
Quantum Fireball EX 12.7G
Bigfoot TX 19.2G
Western Digital Caviar AC36400
Expert AC29100 (Ultra ATA/66)
LS120 Matsushita LKM-F434-1 Pass
ZIP Iomega External Parallel Pass
USB Device Chicony Keyboard KU-8933 Pass
DEXIN Mouse A2U800A Pass
Epson Printer 740 Pass
Modem Jaton Modulator V.90 Pass
3COM USR 1787 V.90
USR 5687 V.90
AOpen FM56P Pass
CD-ROM ASUS CDS-400 (40X) Pass
Mitsumi 40X Pass
DVD-ROM Creative PC-DVD Inlay Pass
CD-RW HP SureStore Plus Pass

Graphics Performance


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