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Supports 1 PS/2 Mouse and 1 AT style Keyboard

Supports the Universal Serial Bus (USB)
On Board PCI / IDE

PIO mode 3/4 and Ultra DMA-33 (Up to 4 IDE Devices)

Supports exclusive ESDJ (Easy Setting Dual Jumper) for CPU clock selection

CPU setting by Multiplier x Bus Clock

Supports External Modem Ring-in Power ON Function
Supports WOL (Wake-On-LAN) function
Supports both AT and ATX power supply connectors

Switching Regulator Power for CPU core: Voltage is jumper selectable from 2.0V to 3.5V at 0.1 Volt step

Gainward 5VPA Specifications


Supports all Socket-7 processors including 64-bit Intel PentiumTM / PentiumTM with MMXTM, AMD6K86 TM (K6 TM), Cyrix/IBM 6x86TM / 6x86MXTM, and IDT/ Center C6 CPUs


VIA Apollo MVP3 (100MHz) PCIset with AGP Solution

L2 Cache

Supports Pipeline Burst SRAM. Onboard 512KB L2 cache memory

Expansion Slots

1x32 bit AGP slot
4x32 bit bus mastering PCI slots
2x16 bit ISA slots


Three 168-pin DIMM memory slots (4/8/16/32/64/128MB module)
Supports maximum 384MB with SDRAM

Onboard I/O

Winbond multi-super I/O
Onboard I/O
1 FDD Connect
2 Serial Ports
1 Parallel Port (EPP, ECP)
I/O Connector


AWARD BIOS with Green, Plug and Play Features and Flash EPROM

Form Factor

4-layer PCB, 22cm x 23cm, Baby AT Form Factor


Supports 120MB ATAPI Floppy Disk. Supports ZIP Disk Drive

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From: calvinhobes@hotmail.com
Date: 8/20/98


As a reseller and enduser, I would stay away from this motherboard. I ordered one direct from the Cardex people here in Fremont and put it through some tests.

The first thing I noticed was that the AT power connector was jammed up against a small capacitor. To fully seat the AT power connector I had to break off the retention tab so it would seat down all the way. VERY BAD design IMO. As for performance, it is average with no outstanding features. Bus speed does not exceed 100mhz, as far as I can tell (and I have tried all possible jumper connections).

The board is cheap, I'll give it that much, and it is a decent performer. Forget about timely bios upgrades and ANY tech support though. I tried calling tech support and got right through to a technician, but that's where my luck ended. A few simple questions and the tech support staff went into a tail spin. They could not even answer simple questions about voltage settings, etc. When the dreaded Intel740 video card problem was brought up they hadn't even heard about it and said they had 10 systems running fine with that card (yeah, right). I told the tech guy I would email him all of the info I had on the problem and he said he would get back to me. Well, it's been over a week and I'm not expecting an answer back.

IMO, there are much better boards out there with WAY better quality and tech support options.

Good Luck

From: Terry S
Date: 10/15/98


I installed one of these in my son's machine after his mobo died. It installed easily, was easy to set up, has the CE revision of the MVP3 chipset and has worked just fine for over a month.

The power connector on this one didn't have the problem noted by Calvin H. so maybe that's not a regular feature.

In short: it's nowhere near as fast as my FIC PA-2013, but then not many Super7's are that fast. It does have a price advantage as I bought it for only $75. I's decent enough for a second system.

From: LeonWill@JPS.net
Date: 11/4/98


I've been personally using the Gainward motherboards on several machines with no problems at all. They came highly recommended from a VAR who has been using them for as long as they've been available. I have to admit its name and price made me reluctant until I tried it. I also have installed four of them in a company where I do consulting, working very well with AutoCAD 14. I certainly like them better than the FIC 503+, where jumpers were soldered on the back side of the board. As for quality, I haven't experienced any difficulties or noticed anything that would indicate poor quality. As for tech support, I really don't expect much from anyone these days. The first five boards came WITHOUT the Cardex sticker on the box, whatever that's worth. As for performance, a K6-2/300 seems fast on any of these motherboards I've tried. Even though some benchmark faster than others, it's hard to tell any difference in normal day-to-day operation.

From: a.rich-holler@prodigy.net
Date: 1/4/99


I am not having a good experience with this mother board and the AMD K6 350 mhz processer. It does't like Windows98 or soundblaster soundcards! I recommend somthing in the pentium II realm.

From: Moose@oz-online.net
Date: 1/9/99


I have been working on Gainword boards for the last couple of months and they were either defective, or were a pain in the ass to set up. I think there are to many damn jumpers to set every for 100 Mhz, and the IDE drivers never wanted to work.My recommedations are to get a more reliable name brand of a board. I personnally would choose, Asus, or MSI

From: ecgonza@ibm.net
Date: 1/13/99


I have the CD revision of this board - and so far, I've had no problems. I have the AGP Matrox G200 and it works fine on the board. I've installed Win 98 and OS/2 Warp - no problems (just remember to install the most recent drivers). I haven't tried the USB port yet, though. My only complaint are the capacitors near the ISA slots on the side. I have a wavetable daughter board that gets in the way of it using an ESS sound card - because of this, I have to use my old Sound Blaster 16 card instead.

From: bcfergan@pacbell.net
Date: 1/18/99


an excellent choice for price and stability and versatility. Do be careful what you plug in if using the AMDk6 not all hardware is compatible.

From: Lloyd Vance  "LVA647@airmail.net)
Date: 1/24/99


Installed one of these at one of my commercial accounts. Works very well, almost as fast on business apps as FIC VA503+ (both using AMD K6-2 300). Only problem has been that with a 3Com 509B combo network card, it never would release and shut down. Tried a 3 Com XL card (905 PCI) and the machine would not recognize it for love nor money. Had to install a cheap no name card for it to work. Oh well...

Lloyd Vance

From: k-faust@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu
Date: 3/1/99


I have a Gainward 5VPA board with 1mg on board cache with an AMD K6-2 400.Will I need to upgrade my bios when I upgrade to a K6-III 450?

From: astuivenwold@hccnet.nl
Date: 3/9/99


this mainboard does not work with ISA network intreface cards ?? I had no reaction from gainward, who knows why they don't work ?

From: a.stuivenwold@hccnet.nl
Date: 3/9/99


gainward vp5 doesn't work with ISA NIC's ? I had no answer from gainward. who has the solution ?

From: bbechtold@usa.net
Date: 3/16/99


I've been using the 5VPA for about six months w/64 meg ATI Xpert AGP and slow Quantum drive. Run Novell and NT servers with it. Have also run Linux (without the AGP.) Seems stable as small file server. Would buy again.

From: klynn@wco.com
Date: 3/22/99


I bought a 5VPA in Oct., '98, have been running it with an AMD K6-2 300 and 64MB PC-100 with no problems. I just bought a second one, to run a K6 2-400, and received an updated booklet (mmbv001-14ear1 ver 1.4). which includes jumper settings up to k6 2 400 and Cyrix Mii 350 An updated CD was included (Ver. 1.3)

I ran the CD programs on my original board and had several problems. I had saved the Win98 registry before running the CD, so I imported my old registry, and then ran the original CD ROM programs, and the problems went away. (I will try updating the bios and then running ver 1.3 next time)

Does anyone know what speed the two mystery CPU speed settings provide? J8 2-3 J9 1-2 J10 2-3 and J8 1-2 J9 2-3 J10 2-3?

and the mystery multiplier settings JP15 2-3 JP16 1-2 JP17 1-2 and JP15 2-3 JP16 2-3 JP17 2-1?

From: samuh@cc.tut.fi
Date: 4/14/99


I have 5VPA mainboard with K6-2 300, 32MB 8ns SDRAM and S3 Trio 3D 4MB SGRAM. The CPU is overclocked into 400 MHz with 2.5V voltage, and it still doesn't get hot, it's about 40 degrees, so I think that 2.5V setting gives little less than 2.5V.

The board has been very stable, Windows 95 have never crashed with any applications but with some games it has happened, but the fault is in those games, because they crashed with my other mainboard also. 5VPA has worked perfectly with every card I have tried in it, includind Gainward Voodoo 2 and Banshee, several different ISA and PCI network cards, Adaptec PCI and Buslogic ISA SCSI cards, ESS 1869 and SB16 soudcards.

I haven't had any problems at all with this mainboard, and I can recommend it. Or ... the latest (2.1.33) VIA BM-IDE drivers doesn't work very well, but ... this is a problem of VIA, not this board!

From: solsys@zerg.com
Date: 4/22/99


This board has a MAJOR PROB. The AGP slot of this board is damn weird. First, i got a TNT also by Gainward(Cardexpert TNT), i have to underclk it to make it work. so i changed to a Voodoo3 which is said to work on all super 7. And wat i get was garbage screens after 5mins of operation. This happened not only in windows screens but also boot up screens and dos screens. This board is pathetic and the tech support sucks big time. No response from them at all after almost a week. Guys, stay away from CARDEX and GAINWARD. Their things are cheap but their aftersales support suck big time.

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