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PROCESSOR SUPPORT (CPU): Intel Pentium P55C/AMD K6/Cyrix 6x86MX/idt C6 at 120-500MHz.

CHIPSET: Via Apollo MVP3 (100 MHz) PCIset w/AGP Solution.

CACHE MEMORY: Supports Pipeline Burst SRAM. Onboard 1MB.

DRAM MODULES: 72PIN SIMM x 2 and 168PIN DIMM x 3 for 3.3v SDRAM.

I/O CHIP: Winbond multi-super I/O.

EXPANSION SLOT: 32 bit PCI Master Bus x 4, 16 bit ISA Bus x 3, and AGP Slot x 1.

BIOS: Supports Award Plug & Play BIOS and Flash EPROM.

Supports KBPO (Keyboard Power On).
Supports ESDJ (Easy Setting Dual Jumper) for CPU clock selection.
CPU setting by Multiplier x Bus Clock.
Supports External Modem Ring-in Power ON Function.
Supports Hardware Monitoring Function by Winbond W83781D.
Supports WOL (Wake-On-LAN) function.

FORM FACTOR: 305mm x 220mm ATX.

Epox MVP3E Specifications


Intel Pentium, MMX, AMD. Cyrix


VIA Apollo MVP3 (100 MHz)

L2 Cache

1024k Onboard PB SRAM Support

Expansion Slots

3 ~ ISA, 4 ~ PCI, + AGP



Onboard I/O

2 serial, 1 parallel, USB, Keyboard, PS/2



Form Factor


manufacturers website

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  Epox MVP3E-M Review ]

From: valen@shell.kiwi.net
Date: 2/5/99


dido here on the FIC. I have both the EPOX, and the FIC; I gave the FIC to my father, and good ridance. The async ram setting is buggy, general setup requires general anestetic (100 proof or better, for me) to keep the board from being shattered in my fits of rage. Overclocking is not possible in that board ( I have pages and pages of dip switch and jumper settings tried to prove it.) Stay away from the FIC. Get the epox, or even the aopen if you have been scared away. But save yourself the headache, and don't get the FIC.

From: Torsten.Hilbrich@gmx.net
Date: 2/5/99


I have this board and it works very well with my my amd k6-2 350. However, I had to flash the BIOS dated 4.1.1999 to get the power-off in Linux working.

From: r0tt3n@hotmail.com
Date: 2/7/99


have EPoX MVP3E-M mainboard with 27-11-98 BIOS, IDT WinChip C6 200(wont overclock ;( ) and Win98. Only trouble I have had was when trying to overclock which is processor problem, mainboard is very stable and easy to use. I will be upgrading CPU to AMD K6-2 400 soon. Will I need to flash the BIOS to support this?

From: mkeenan@vianet.on.ca
Date: 2/13/99


I updated my BIOS on this board to the newest 1-9-99 version in anticipation of the K6-III. The problem is now when I do a soft boot (CTRL-ALT-DEL) the system gets stuck in a perpetual Re-Boot loop. When re-starting, it seems to be accessing my floppy drive which is a LS-120 and at this point it re-starts again. It was fine before I flashed the BIOS. Anyone else with the problem?

From: extremist@cowtown.net
Date: 2/22/99


Well, I don't know why EPOX says that AGP is not supported on the Board with NT4, but I have two systems at home running a K62/350 and Matrox G200 AGP quite happily. Run NT4.0SP4, Warp 4FP8, and WIN95OSR2.5 on one and WIN98 and WIN2000Beta on the other. No problems whatsoever.

Regards, James

From: gjb@bresnanlink.net
Date: 3/1/99


I have the Epox MVP3E-M that I am running with 128 Mb of 100 mghz RAM and have flashed both the MB and the Viper 550. I have a 13 Gb Western Digital UDMA drive and two Mitsumi ROM drives. It seems from all this feedback that the board is a bit buggy. I realize that techies who get it to run feel they are a cut above, but it shouldn't be that difficult to set up. The manufacturers are letting you debug the board. I have problems before the OS (win98)is installed. While over-clocking seems to be a major pastime, I have to question the performance gains. I have the K6 350 and it runs everything fast. I just have to quesiton the R&D that went into this board.

Any thoughts please reply to the email address included here.

From: mphwakeye@hotmail.com
Date: 3/4/99


Everybody who wants to upgrade to a K6-3 should read Chris Rutz mail for the Voltage-jumper-configuration, because this processor will need 2.5V ! The mail is dated 26.12.1998 And donīt forget to flash the new bios from Epox (01.03.1999)!

From: sullivan@cts.com
Date: 3/4/99


I've had this board for quite a while now. Very satisfied with it, until now. I got it with the intention of upping to K6-III 500 someday. I have been informed by Epox Tech that since my rev# is 0.3, they recommend that I do NOT install a K6-III in it since it "may" not handle the processor correctly. Bummer!

From: timm_98@geocities.com
Date: 3/11/99


The above board. Newest Flash. 01/04/99 LS-120 Drive WD 10.1 GB Hard Disk 160MB of PC100 @ Slots 1, 2, 3= 64MB, 64MB, 32MB Pioneer 32X Cd-Rom K6-2-3D , 333Mhz Riva 128ZX(STB) 8MB AGP.

Over Clock: I bumped it up to 350Mhz but, sometimes, getting into Win98 it’d hang. I turned off the splash screen with MSCONFIG and it worked fine. I found out about the Voltage settings and started to play.

The only problem so far, 16MB RivaTNT will not allow it to boot. (Just beeps) I tried a Banshee 16MB AGP and it would boot part time showing that it was an 8MB card. The Creative Labs 16MB RivaTNT AGP will not even allow it to init. I think I’m going to move up to the new one and the 1 ISA slot can go cause I get the 95Mhz bus speed or, leave Epox to look at Iwills 770Mhz from 140Mhz Bus Speed.

From: wopwop2@west.ga.net
Date: 3/15/99


This board is an excellent choice. Easy to configure.Able to move up to up coming K-3. Running win98 with no problems for 3 months,dual monitors,192mgs ram & cable modem. I would recommend this one.

From: mtooze@tan.unl.edu
Date: 3/16/99


Problems: '95 won't noot. Always get 'while initializing device IOS: win prtect error. Whats up?? On the MS WWW page it says this is a '95 problem and to install a patch. How the hell do I install a '95 patch when the freaking software won't boot (normal or safe!!)

Specs: kII-450, 128M pc-100, fujitsu 8.4, ATI64 PCI (have DMF 16m AGP, but I don't want to complicate things right now!!).

Any hints??


From: Jediwizard
Date: 3/18/99


TO: Marcus (mtooze@tan.unl.edu)

The solution is simple. Since 350Mhz or above will cause Windows 95 problems, try slowing the CPU to 300. Now install the patch. After installed, set CPU back to normal.

From: danielipohlen@hotmail.com
Date: 3/21/99


I bought my EPOX MVP3E-M rev.# 0.2 ten months ago and it's working fine. I would like to upgrade my CPU with K6-II 400Mhz or 450MHz. Does anybody know if this rev. of the motherboard supports these CPU-s?

From: RoboChicken
Date: 3/21/99


I'm running a Viper 550 16MB TNT AGP board on this MVP3E-M board with no problems. I've got the latest bios for the mobo and graphics board. Running Win98 with latest updates and drivers. SBLive!, NIC, SCSI card, Monster II 8MB. Goto www.tweak3d.com it's got recommended TNT settings for your mobo. I love this board but i'd like to see something with more pci slots and onboard scsi!

From: pcollins@thegrid.net
Date: 3/31/99


I have just purchased the EPOX MVP3E-M Rev 0.4 motherboard. With this I also purchased the AMD K6-400 cpu. I e-mailed AMD tech support asking if this board supported this cpu. They wrote back telling me that the K6-400 has higher current requirements than the K6-300 or K6-350 chips. Any one running a K6-400?

From: ynthe@hotmail.com
Date: 4/1/99


I agree with anonomous on 12/16/98. If you went to Epox's web site and folowed all of their suggestions and tried contacting Epox's "fast" tech support and you still have problems then you have some truely bad equipement or your doing something wrong. I deal with over 6 computer manufacturers on a daily basis and Epox has the best support, fastest response time, and keeps up with fixes and upgrades better than any other manufacturer. I am the proud owner of an EPOX 51MVP3E-M and the new MVP3G-M.

From: Ian in Vancouver, CA
Date: 4/5/99


RE: BIOS only counts up to 64 MB although 2 x 64 MB installed:

I had the same problem: it may be very simple: the locking tabs will raise when your 2nd memory module *looks* like it is fully inserted. It's not. Push down the tabs on your new memory module. Then push the memory module in (hard) until the tabs rise up by themself as your 64 MB settles deeper into the slot.

Good luck. It was exactly that problem with me.

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