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Up to 100MHz bus support
Winbond `977 Super I/O chipset

UltraDMA/33 (UIDE) built-in (up to 33MB/s DTR)
Two PCI Buse Mastering EIDE channels
Supports EIDE CD-ROMs
Bus-Mastering Mode (Up to 22MB/s DTR)
PIO Mode 3 & 4 (Up to 17MB/s DTR)

Yellow LED for Sleep mode
Year 2000 compliant
Double Row ATX Connectors
Type "C" I/O Shield (Intel Caveman Compatible)
+12V Power Source for DC-FAN
3.3V DRAM Support
Utilizes GTL+ Bus, Reducing Power Consumption and EMI
Power Recovery After Interrupt Feature
Wake-on-LAN Feature Header (3-pin)**

Optional Onboard Sound
Ensoniq 1371 PCI Wavetable audio chip
AC97 codec / One ATX Game port
ATX Line in, MIC, and Speaker ports

Optional System Management
ADM9240 sensor chips with on-board alarm for heat, fan and voltage. Reports to the operating system for system monitoring. Tyan Desktop Client Manager software included.
Chassis Intrusion Detection capable


Processor Intel Celeron® PPGA370 300-400 CPU
Chipset Intel 440BX (100MHz AGP set) or
VIA Apollo Pro Plus AGPset
Expansion Slots Five 32-bit PCI Bus Mastering Slots
Two 16-bit ISA Slots
One 32-bit AGP Slot
One Shared PCI/ISA Slot (7 usable slots)
Memory Up to 768MB SDRAM Memory Support
Synchronous DRAM W/SPD
Three 168-pin DIMM Sockets
100MHz SDRAM support
Onboard I/O Two Floppy Drive Support (Up to 2.88MB)
Two ATX Serial Ports (16550 UARTs)
One ATX ECP/EPP Parallel Port
Two ATX USB Ports Rev 1.2
One IR (InfraRed) I/O Interface Port
One ATX PS/2 Mouse Port
One ATX PS/2 Keyboard Port
BIOS Award Plug `n´ Play flash BIOS standard
Deep Green / Energy Star / PC98 ready
Form Factor ATX (8.3" x 12.0")

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