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Whether you call it a motherboard or mainboard it is, by far, the most important component in your computer. While the CPU tends to get the focus of attention as the brains of the computer, the mainboard and its components provides the skeletal framework for your entire system. Your mainboard's chipset (core logic) provides the means for virtually all of the components to communicate and interact with one another, providing a sort of bridgework through which data is passed from your keyboard, mouse and hard drive to the memory, CPU, and graphics display. Your mainboard's BIOS ROM holds the basic program information to get the computer started and your peripherals talking to one another. The mainboard also handles the task of controlling the amount of voltage the other components rely on to perform their specific tasks. The type of mass storage your system can use, your video card,  the amount and speed of your system memory and processor speed, and even your overall upgradeability are all determined by your mainboard.


Here's what users are saying about their mainboards...
click the mainboard for full specifications...

Gary M. rates his Tyan S1854 an overall 95%, and says: · Not the fastest for the processor, but very stable. Have not found good enough ram to run CL2 at 133, so I am stuck at CL3 costing a little performance. Not currently overclocked, but plan to experiment. Running a GeForce MX card it runs a 3DMark2000 of 5

Gary M. rates his Transcend TS-ABX31 an overall 95%, and says: · Not the fastest for the processor, but very stable. Have not found good enough ram to run CL2 at 133, so I am stuck at CL3 costing a little performance. Not currently overclocked, but plan to experiment. Running a GeForce MX card it runs a 3DMark2000 of 5

compulady rates his PCChips M577 an overall 90%, and says: · I haven't had a problem with it in the two years I've been using it!

Robert Ewry rates his Azza PT-5VMX an overall 90%, and says: · I Think the PT-5vmx is the best mainboard I has insalled so far thinking of over clocking alittle,but not until I learn more about doing so.

Jim rates his Soyo SY-5EHM an overall 80%, and says: · Speed of the board is quite good, but in four months I still cannot get a clean shutdown with my components, except in safe mode. Never got e-mail replies from Soyo tech support. Wish I had tried EPox or simply spent more money on ATX/Duron and forgotte

Lord Visor rates his Gigabyte GA-5AA an overall 68%, and says: · Generally fine but couldn't run past 100 MHz FSB, although was easy to get another 50 MHz out of CPUs. You get what you pay for :) Was okay for gaming with K6-2 550@575 & Voodoo 3.

greyowl rates his Supermicro PIIIDM3 an overall 75%, and says: · its a good board if it works. i'm on my 3rd now having returned 2 so far. problem w/ the board shorting out on my recommended super sc750a case. first 2 would not boot till i completely removed from case and powered up while holding in my hand. 3rd se

Arvonn Tully rates his FIC VA-503+ an overall 99%, and says: · This is the best mobo i've ever had, or even worked with.

Bryan Hryhoriw rates his Gigabyte GA-5AX an overall 90%, and says: · The machine ran outstanding in Win95, then it ran like a dog in Win98se. Have been sorting out all kinds of problems. Still tring to get it running right.

J.D. rates his Gigabyte GA-5AX an overall 90%, and says: · Good AGP cards can be used in the GA-5AX if you have Rev. 5.2. If you don't, be prepared for lockups and overheating.

Click on any mainboard in the tables below for complete specifications!

User Mainboard Rankings
- Top 10 - Super7

(8106 User Submissions)
EPoX EP-MVP3G282.87%90.28%104
EPoX EP-58MVP3C-M81.29%88.62%143
EPoX EP-MVP3G-M79.8%88.45%655
EPoX EP-51MVP3E-M77.47%88.32%99
Tyan S159884.13%87.66%79
DFI K6XV3+86.73%87.0%11
DFI K6BV3+81.22%86.86%37
EFA Viking 381.24%86.84%158
Luckystar 5MVP3-Gemini80.91%86.56%128
TMC AI5VG+81.98%86.54%54
User Mainboard Rankings
- Top 10 - Slot A

(153 User Submissions)
Abit KA7-100106.67%106.0%3
Biostar M7MKE99.0%99.0%1
Freetech P7F200A2100.0%95.0%1
Abit KA794.5%93.0%10
Asus K7M93.95%92.21%19
Soltek SL-77KV89.67%91.67%3
Asus K7V93.27%88.18%11
Shuttle AI6187.8%86.4%5
EPoX EP-7KXA87.04%86.36%28
Biostar M7MKA82.33%84.0%6
User Mainboard Rankings
- Top 10 - Socket 370

(114 User Submissions)
Transcend TS-AVE396.33%97.67%3
Iwill BD37098.0%97.33%3
Abit BM691.82%96.82%11
Abit ZM686.12%95.75%8
Shuttle AE1495.0%95.0%1
Biostar M6SBA95.0%95.0%1
Gigabyte GA-6BX795.5%94.75%4
Abit BP686.0%94.71%31
Freetech P6F10496.5%94.0%2
Tyan S185493.75%93.75%4
User Mainboard Rankings
- Top 10 - Slot 1

(163 User Submissions)
Abit BF6100.0%99.0%1
Atrend ATC624090.0%99.0%1
AOpen AX6BC Pro II99.5%99.0%2
Soyo SY-6BA+III87.22%97.67%9
Abit BX6 (2.0)94.67%96.33%9
Asus P3B-F88.28%95.72%18
Abit BE688.0%95.5%10
Amptron PII-310099.0%95.0%1
Soyo SY-6VCA99.0%95.0%1
AOpen AX6BC Pro95.0%95.0%1

mb1Row1xCol1.jpg mb1Row1xCol2.jpg mb1Row1xCol3.jpg
mb1Row2xCol1.jpg mb1Row2xCol2.jpg mb1Row2xCol3.jpg
mb1Row3xCol1.jpg mb1Row3xCol2.jpg mb1Row3xCol3.jpg

Mainboards come in a wide variety of styles and formats. Since the simplest way to begin categorizing mainboards is by the processor interface.  Whether socket or slot we'll try to keep the specifications for a good variety of mainboards on hand to help you to make informed choices about the upgrade you may want or need. 

The creation of AMD's K6-2 processor breathed new life into the socket 7 platform.  Our initial interest was certainly aroused because,  for awhile it seemed as if Intel. s Slot-1 architecture would completely erase from existence socket 7 related mainboards and processors. But AMD. s improvements to the K6, which included 3DNow!"! sparked new interest in the magnitudes of consumers that thought they were saddled with another PC dinosaur.  And  the K6-2 was, and still is, an extremely cost effective PC platform.  This was the primary focus of this web site at its inception

With the near demise of even the Super7 platform our focus has has to change and it is our hope to focus more and more on the Slot-A / Socket-A platforms which house the latest processor offerings from AMD.  We also want to keep a good eye on the socket 370 platform as it too offers excellent performance at a reasonable price but we will also cover some Slot-1 platform boards by way of comparison.

You will find our  mainboard specifications pages listed by processor platform using the drop down menus at the top of the page.  Our Spec. pages offer an overview of the mainboard's capabilities and also present a variety of user ratings, links to reviews on the web and user comments which we encourage all who stop by to take part in.

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