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Hardware Information Sites

Domestic Sites

  • AMD Zone
  • The AMD Appreciation Site
  • The 3DNow! NOW Page
  • Anand's Hardware Tech
  • Adrian's Rojak Pot
  • Overclockin.com
  • TwiN Texel
  • System Optimization PC Hardware and Performance Guide
  • Jash's Axe's Lui's Overclocking Page
  • Tweakit Hardware Reference Site
  • Ace's Hardware
  • Pfuscher's Techware
  • Cybertech Online Hardware Reviews 
  • Hempie's Extreme
  • Tech World
  • CompGuys TechWeb
  • Mr Driver
  • PC Mechanic
  • The PC Guide
  • alternativecpu.com
  • Hardcore Hardware
  • DimensionX
  • Voodoo².Com
  • The Brotherhood of the CPU
  • Benchmark Resources
  • Joe's PC Hardware Page
  • The Computer Hardware Performance Page
  • Tom's Hardware Guide
  • Stan's Tweaking Tips Page One, & Tips Page Two
  • CPU Central
  • Trish's Escape From Hardware Hell
  • NetExcite Hardware Zone 
  • Cool Info
  • CPUReview
  • Hardware and Chip Fabrication
  • Ryan's PC Newz & Lynx
  • Windows 98 Information
  • The Hardware Site
  • ClockingFiles
  • PC Rev  
  • USB Man
  • ZZZ Online


Other Sites of interest

  • DemoNews
  • BMdrivers.com

International Sites

  • La Guia del Overclocking (Spain) - Uno de los mejores sitios de la red en español sobre overclocking.
  • Processor Emporium (UK) - A buyers guide to PC Processors, with some technical info too
  • HARDiNFO - HARDiNFO, is northern europes biggest testside. We have written several articles for magazines and have a lot of sponsors....Very good stuff for people you can understand these languages: Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.....Give it a try....The best in Europe..
  • arRIVAl - In Russian - I'm guessing that it deals mostly with nVisia Riva graphics solutions
  • El Rincón del Hardware - Spanish - Página WEB de recursos hardware en español: si buscas información sobre configuración, optimización y compra de hardware, visítanos.
    WEB Page about Hardware resources: if you are looking for information about configuring, optimization and hardware buying, visit us.
  • IceZone 3D TechLab - Russian 3DNow! Center - News? reviews, benchmarks, conference
  • Hardware Unlimited - Hot Hardware News and Reviews from Russia
  • Index@Materiel - Great hardware site linking many reviews in both English and French.   Definitely have a look at this one...
  • Mic's 3DZone - In Dutch - about 3D Hard and software (TNT, 3DNow! and more)
  • Esprit PC - Hot new hardware site. French & English
    In English, All the latest news found on the internet about hardware.
    En Francais, Regroupement de toute l'actualité du Hardware sur Internet (Francais et anglais).Description du matériel informatique (Processeurs, cartes mères et cartes vidéos).Des listes de tous les drivers et les bios les plus connus.

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