IDT's Winchip C6

IDT's Winchip C6 Processor

    A relative newcomer the IDT WinChip C6 processor was designed to be a socket 7 alternative to the Intel® Pentium® and Pentium MMX™ processor. The IDT WinChip C6 processor is cost-efficient and delivers great performance relative to its low price.

A Smart Solution for Windows 95/98?

The IDT WinChip C6 processor implements very specific design trade-offs to provide competitive system performance against other Pentium-class processors with MMX technology. Hardware optimization for the most frequently used x86 instructions with a focus on maintaining a small die size has allowed IDT to create an effective Windows solution while lowering manufacturing costs. While that sounds great the first thing we'll need to know is: "Is the IDT WinChip C6 processor compatible with existing PC and hardware and software?"

IDT states that it's C6 processor has been tested for compatibility by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL), and will carry the "Designed for Microsoft Windows 95" logo. The processor has also received XXCAL ( Platinum certification. This provides assurance that the IDT WinChip C6 processor is compatible with software and hardware products used by major corporations and end users throughout the world. The processor runs all leading operating systems, as well as other software packages and the latest MMX-enabled multimedia applications. The processor is Socket 7-compatible for use with a broad array of established, cost-effective motherboard designs, industry standard chipsets (ALI, VIA, SIS, Intel), and BIOS (Award, AMI, Phoenix, and SystemSoft).

WinChip C6 Processor Speeds

180MHz    60MHz bus
200MHz    66MHz bus
225MHz    75MHz bus
240MHz    60MHz bus

The IDT WinChip C6 supports the 57 industry standard MMX instructions designed to enable the latest multimedia software, from audio to video to 3D graphics.

The C6 is optimized for desktop and notebook systems, providing both static and dynamic power management. The IDT WinChip C6 supports the five static power management modes of the Pentium processor with MMX technology. In addition, the IDT WinChip C6 uses dynamic power management to reduce power consumption (eg. processor caches are dynamically turned off when not in use). The current 180MHz and 200MHz offerings are single-voltage-selectable at 3.52V or 3.3V. This means that the IDT WinChip C6 will work in either single-voltage or dual-voltage motherboards, given the boards have the appropriate jumper settings. The 225MHz and 240MHz processors will also support single voltage (3.52 or 3.3V) operation. Future versions will offer dual-voltage support.

Voltage Ranges:

3.52V    (3.45V-3.6V)
3.3V    (3.135V-3.465V)

The IDT WinChip C6 processor has equivalent or better cache (64k - double the cache versus the Pentium with MMX technology) and translation look-aside buffer (TLB) capabilities which are critical to increased system performance for modern PC operating systems and applications.

The C6 processor has a very simple instruction execution architecture. This results in a very small die size for the functions provided (and thus facilitates its low price and low power usage).

When we tested the C6 (225MHz) we found it to be a very stable chip and on par with the Cyrix 6x86MX PR233.  Unfortunately due to it's high voltage requirements it will be difficult to overclock on most Super7 mainboards.  Another obstacle is its seeming inability to accept @X.5 clock speed multipliers, only running correctly at x3 clocks.   It did step up admirably to the 83MHz FSB for approx. 5hrs. before faltering and our inability to increase the voltage on the test board (FIC VA-503+) we tend to believe that a slight increase in the voltage would have kept it going indefinitely.  It would not function at all at the 100MHz front side bus.

Benchmarking was accomplished using Winbench 98 and was tested against the Cyrix 6x86MX PR233 and posted the following scores

Winbench 98



FPU Winmark

Business Disk WinMark

High-End Disk WinMark

6x86MX PR233 (75x2.5)





C6 225Mhz (75x3)





        (5878 bytes)

Here at MediaTek we feel that the WinChip's performance to price ratio make it a splendid candidate for your consideration for use in Super7 systems that are basically confined to business applications.  The chip does fall a bit short in the 3D games and Multimedia applications.  If all you do is surf the web and use basic business apps. its $66.00 price tag can't be beat.

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) is a semiconductor design and manufacturing company with a product mix that consists of advanced communications products and specialty memories, high-speed SRAM, logic and X86 and MIPS RISC microprocessors. Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., it has manufacturing facilities located in California and Oregon.

Centaur Technology Inc., the Austin, Texas-based X86 microprocessor design and development company designed the IDT WinChip C6 processor. Centaur Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of IDT. The IDT WinChip C6 will be manufactured and sold through IDT. More information on both companies and their products can be found on the and web sites.

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