Announcing The VIA Cyrix* III processor
  Launching at speeds of up to PR533, a new socket 370 solution, the VIA Cyrix* III processor offers enhanced performance features for the Value PC segment, including 133MHz Front Side Bus, 256K L2 Cache and 3DNow!TM technology. Fully compatible with a complete range of Socket 370 motherboards, the VIA Cyrix* III processor provides a compelling price/performance solution for OEMs, System Integrators, and Value PC users.
High Performance Features
   The VIA Cyrix* III processor is the first socket 370 product to unite 133MHz Front Side Bus and 3DNow! technology. Developed using a .18u process, it also has a 256k L2 cache and a redesigned Cayenne core to boost overall performance.
   The VIA Cyrix* III processor's advanced 3DNow! instruction set insures a photo realistic 3D experience that turns Value PCs into cost-efficient, yet high performance gaming systems. Through its support for 66, 100 and 133MHz Front Side Bus speeds, the VIA Cyrix*III processor breaks the Value PC out of the limitations of a low FSB system, boosting bandwidth to a level complementary to the most advanced PC133 memory and AGP4X graphics standards.
   With a 64k L1 and 256K L2 cache, the VIA Cyrix*III processor more than doubles the existing level of cache available in Value PC systems, resulting in faster system throughput and better overall system performance.
Pricing and Availability
The VIA Cyrix* III processor is subcontracted to National Semiconductor and is in production using a .18 micron, 6-layer process. The VIA Cyrix*III processor is priced at $84 for PR500 and $99 for PR533 in 1K quantities.