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The M-II line of processors from Cyrix is attractive as an option for those who aren't yet ready to make the jump to Super7 and want to still use their current motherboards. In fact, if you have an older socket 7 motherboard which supports dual voltage, the M II 300/333 will probably be your last chance of a decent upgrade. The   M-II 333 is an outstanding option for those who have great socket 7 motherboards but can't run the 0.25 micron K6-2 because of their voltage & multiplier settings.  As far as it goes if you aren't into games and want more bang for your buck, the price / performance ratio cant be beat.  With prices as low as $71.00 for the M-II 300 and $118.00 for the MII 333, the MII is a pretty sweet deal and as long you don't need a lot of floating point support, for business applications and surfing the web we highly recommend it.   After all one of the main reasons for going Super7 is to keep a little more of your money in your pocket, isn't it???
OCT. 98

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